Lately, social media has been teeming with posts of tipsy brunchers since the bottomless brunch trend has hit New York hard (and with its fare share of detractors, with The Guardian calling brunch life in the city “unbearable,” and a hoax about the illegality of bottomless brunches earlier this year. And while Yelp now has a page devoted to “drunch,” the New York Hospitality Alliance is trying to Prohibit Unlimited Drink Specials. Where else we can get the most bang for our buck? This question reveals the glutton (and freeloader) in all of us. And when you opt out of TGI Friday’s unlimited appetizers deal, you find other unlimited deals on some great food and drink in NYC.

1. Raymi: Peruvian Kitchen & Pisco Bar

RaymiNYC-Unlimited Ceviche-Pisco Sours-NYCImage via RaymiNYC


Bathtub Gin-Chelsea-Speakeasy-NYCImage via Bathtub Gin

On Sunday, October 19th we’ll be hosting a cocktail at the hidden speakeasy Bathtub Gin, located in the neighborhood that was once the Tenderloin in New York City’s west 20s. The Tenderloin was home to New York City’s brothels, dance clubs, and gambling houses. On this special event, historian David Freeland will first take us through a tour of the fascinating remains of the Tenderloin district and Tin Pan Alley, concluding with a cocktail at this period-inspired bar.


Untapped Cities-Food Fiasco-Union Square-Anna BrownFood Fiasco Waste demonstration in New York, NY, Image via Instagram by @roxzylok

Earlier this week, environmental activist Rob Greenfield set up a display of perfectly fresh food in the middle of Union Square Park. If you were walking by, you may have seen people huddled around the tempting selection, waiting until the moment in which viewers were welcomed to take whatever they wanted from the lot. So what’s the catch? Well, all of this food came from one man who spent four hours foraging the dumpsters of New York City. Still hungry?



Dr. Brown’s Sodas have been a New York City staple for over a century. Their flavors and branding place them in the center of New York City’s consciousness. In 1869, Schoneberger & Noble began producing the Dr. Brown’s brand. Whether or not an actual Dr. Brown ever existed has since been lost to time. Still today, each flavor of Dr. Brown’s sodas depict a different scene from old New York. The current labels were designed in the 1970s by Herb Lubalin based on prints of Old New York.


Earlier this year, we presented 8 combination coffee shops in New York City, ranging from record shop coffee shops to flower shop coffee shops and everything in between. Since then, we’ve come across a lot more combination joints where you can get a drink, sip a coffee or grab a slice of pizza, all while reveling in another fun activity ranging from board games, arcade games, video screening or even getting your hair cut.

1. Board Game Cafe: Uncommons

Image via Not Just Geeks



Sakagura, a hidden Japanese restaurant and sake bar in Midtown Manhattan is one of our favorite hidden gems. We’ve highlighted it before for its quirky bathrooms that are in the shape of oversized sake barrels, but the entire restaurant is deserving of its own feature. First, it’s one of those places that you have to be in the know because the entrance isn’t right on the street. Open since 1996, Sakagura is located in the basement of a nondescript Midtown office building, past the security desk and through a pristine white marble lobby. Go down the stairs and into the entrance, and suddenly you feel as if you’ve entered a Japanese village.