Greenhook Ginsmiths-Gin Distillery-Greenpoint-Newtown Creek-NYC-003Photo via Greenhook Ginsmiths

Join us on a trip through the booze-soaked trenches of Brooklyn.

If you walk down Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint, past all of the chic boutiques and vintage shops, then skip under the Pulaski Bridge before you hit the water, you come out on the other side to an abrupt change of scenery. You might almost miss the unassuming entrance of Greenhook Ginsmiths, distracted by the epic mural painted on the brick wall across the street.  The distillery inhabits a warehouse surrounded by metal shops and a motorcycle repair joint – an odd spot for a former Wall Street capital markets broker to set up shop. There, beneath a small metal door with the 208 spray-painted over it, we meet Steven DeAngelo, head distiller and founder of Greenhook Ginsmiths. (more…)

Pith-Supper Club-Jonah-Columbia University-NYCPith supper club at Columbia University, started by Jonah Reider

A few months ago, we went to check out Pith, the secret supper club started by Columbia University senior Jonah Reider. When you meet Jonah, you will understand quickly that Pith is unlike other supper clubs in New York City. For one, this is not about profit at all. For $15 a person, you get a five to eight course meal with wine pairings – with level of produce quality and cuisine creativity we’ve found in only some of the city’s most cutting edge restaurants.


Did you know the world’s first commercially viable rooftop vineyard is hidden within the Brooklyn Navy Yard? Untapped Cities will be bringing readers on a special wine tasting and tour at Rooftop Reds, led by one of its founders who will share their knowledge of winemaking.

Within the 14,800 square foot rooftop, you will see a unique urban planter system that is the first of its kind, developed with Cornell University and Finger Lakes industry leaders. As an added bonus: all guests will get 20% off purchases of Rooftop Reds wines. Get in on this experience early, as the first harvest will be taking place this October 2016. Take in an amazing view, lounge in a hammock, and sip on Rooftop Red wines in our tours which start in May, to continue through the year.

More photos of the space below:


Pasta Fonbelle Paris-Architecture Pasta-NYC-001Photo by Valerie Lechêne for Untapped Cities

The Paris-based company gourmet food company Fonbelle has a line of Parisian landmark-shaped pasta. So if you’re tired of penne or just missing Paris, you can now eat pasta in the shape of the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and Notre Dame cathedral with Pasta Paris. The company has a partnership with the Société d’Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel which explains its large range of Eiffel Tower-oriented products. 

Next, read about the Secrets of the Eiffel Tower.

Famous Nathan-Documentary Film-Hot Dogs-Lloyd Handwerker-Brooklyn-NYC-2

“There’s one Babe Ruth in baseball, there was one Einstein in science, and one Nathan in the food business,” someone interviewed in the new documentary film Famous Nathan, about the Coney Island hot dog chain founder, says. This film is a personal journey for director Lloyd Handwerker, a grandson of founder Nathan Handwerker, who interviewed family members, Nathan’s workers, and put together archival film and audio and family home videos, to share this story on the centennial anniversary of the hot dog company.


Turnstyle-Columbus Circle-Subway Market-Underground-NYC

These days it seems like a lot of the city’s underground is turning into a mall – but that’s not always a bad thing particularly when there’s a conversion of previously underutilized spaces. Many places, like Fulton Center and the World Trade Center Transportation Hub (Santiago Calatrava’s “Soaring Bird station”) have taken inspiration from the success of the retail at Grand Central Terminal. Even the long-maligned Penn Station has been gradually kicking out long standing businesses in the hopes of going upscale.

The latest of these transformations is TurnStyle in the Columbus Circle subway station, a $14.5 million private project financed by the Goldman Sachs Urban Investment Group and Susan Fine, the principal of Oases RE, which manages leasing (and is behind Grand Central Terminal’s retail spaces). Turnstyle was designed by the firm Architecture Outfit and opened this past weekend.