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Welcome back to our new Untapped Cities series on NYC’s Micro Neighborhoods, where we delve into long standing ethnic enclaves.  

washington heights-george washington bridge-neighborhood-manhattan-new york-untapped cities-brennan ortizView of the neighborhood with the George Washington Bridge in the backdrop. Photo via Esra Realty.

Little Dominican Republic
Washington Heights, Manhattan

Amidst the hills of Upper Manhattan, one can find New York’s Little Dominican Republic. The Washington Heights neighborhood, also referred to by locals as “The Heights,” is pleasantly nestled between Fort Washington Park (whose secrets are revealed here) and Highbridge Park. Sharing the northernmost tip of Manhattan with its sister neighborhood Inwood, both communities hold one of the greatest concentrations of Dominicans not only throughout the five boroughs, but outside of the Dominican Republic. The migration of Dominicans into this section of the city has resulted in one of the most culturally vibrant neighborhoods on the island of Manhattan.  (more…)

Welcome back to our new Untapped Cities series on NYC’s Micro Neighborhoods, where we delve into long standing ethnic enclaves.  

irish flag-woodlawn-bronx-little ireland-brennan ortiz-untapped citiesIrish and American flags representing the neighborhood pride in Woodlawn. Photo via amNY.

Little Ireland
Woodlawn, Bronx

In the northern Bronx, just above its namesake cemetery and east of Van Cortlandt Park, you can find New York City’s own Little Ireland. The neighborhood of Woodlawn Heights or simply Woodlawn, as it is better known, has been a destination for the Irish exodus in New York City. Though originally populated by Germans, Woodlawn is now predominantly Irish with its share of Italian-Americans as well. It is here that you’ll find the greatest abundance of four-leaf clover insignias on storefronts in all of the city.  (more…)

Welcome to our new Untapped Cities series on NYC’s Micro Neighborhoods, where we delve into long standing ethnic enclaves.  

brighton beach-beach-little odessa-brooklyn-new york city-untapped cities-brennan ortizLocal resident feeding the seagulls at Brighton Beach. Photo via Athena’s Gown

Little Odessa
Brighton Beach, Brooklyn

In the southernmost parts of Brooklyn, nestled between Coney Island and Manhattan Beach, one can find New York City‘s very own Ukraine, far from Russia of course. Little Odessa, as it has been traditionally coined due to the great number of immigrants from Odessa, is located in Brooklyn’s Brighton Beach. Although the neighborhood has seen a recent influx of different ethnicities ranging from Hispanics, to African Americans and Chinese, the area is known for its predominantly Russian-speaking population. If you ever wondered where the Russians are in New York, Little Odessa is the answer.


Recoleta cemetery

When Argentina’s wealthy and powerful rest for eternity, they do it in style. Recoleta cemetery is one of the world’s most extraordinary graveyards, with over 6,400 grandiose mausoleums resembling Gothic chapels, Greek temples, fairytale grottoes and elegant little houses. The exclusive cemetery is the last stop for the country’s most celebrated (and controversial) presidents, intellectuals, army generals and entertainers, and a popular attraction for visitors to Buenos Aires.

Though the cemetery most famously holds the remains of actress-turned-First Lady Eva Perón (also known as Evita), many of Recoleta cemetery’s less internationally known residents are buried in masterpiece mausoleums, many with dramatic and intriguing stories behind them. Here is a look at 10 tombs to visit in Recoleta Cemetery.  (more…)

Though New York is often dubbed as the “city that never sleeps”, only a handful of shops can truly pride themselves as a 24 hour destination — that is, a business that stays open for a consecutive 24 hours during the week. While there are countless eateries, food stands, and diners that always keep their lights on (like our favorites Wo Hop and Halal Guys), here are a few others you might want to explore on your next late-night odyssey.

Sightseeing & Entertainment


Museum on Cortlandt Alley – While the Museum does close it’s freight elevator doors every night like its much larger NYC museum counterparts, a conveniently located window allows passerbys to gaze at the art collection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Check out a post from the last time we visited. (more…)

If you still haven’t found the perfect gifts for everyone on your list, don’t fret! We’ve compiled a list of awesomely Untapped gifts for urban explorers and NYC enthusiasts!

Mapping Manhattan: A Love (and Sometimes Hate) Story in Maps by 75 New Yorkers by Becky Cooper

Mapping Manhattan_Becky Cooper

A beautiful tribute to New York City, Mapping Manhattan is a collection of hand-drawn maps compiled by Becky Cooper. Cooper walked the length of Broadway handing out blank maps with the outline of Manhattan and asking people to draw in their associations of the city. The book includes maps by prominent New Yorkers (and non-New Yorkers who love the city) such as David Chang of Momofuku and Vahram Muratyan, creator of Paris v. New York: A Tally of Two Cities(more…)

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