Pasta Fonbelle Paris-Architecture Pasta-NYC-001Photo by Valerie Lechêne for Untapped Cities

The Paris-based company gourmet food company Fonbelle has a line of Parisian landmark-shaped pasta. So if you’re tired of penne or just missing Paris, you can now eat pasta in the shape of the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and Notre Dame cathedral with Pasta Paris. The company has a partnership with the Société d’Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel which explains its large range of Eiffel Tower-oriented products. 

Next, read about the Secrets of the Eiffel Tower.

Diner en Blanc Paris-2015-Palais Royal-NYCParis Dîner en Blanc at Palais Royal. Photo by heleneworldwine

The Paris Dîner en Blanc remains one of the most exclusive pop-up dinners in the world but it’s getting bigger and bigger by the year. In two simultaneous locations since 2011, this year it was reduced to one for 10,000 people–the Palais Royal–but we received confirmation from an official Dîner en Blanc organizer that a second rogue dinner was started unofficially by a group that was removed from last year’s dinner on the Pont Alexander III due to bad behavior. Waste left behind by that group was documented by locals and the Paris press. As for the official location, the Palais Royal recently underwent a renovation (and is home to the fun Colonnes des Buren art installation). The Louvre/Tuileries gardens had an official Dîner en Blanc there in 2010.


Paris-Metro Burger-Fat Map-Fun Maps-Untapped CitiesThe Paris Metro Burger Fat Map (Photo via Fast and Food)

This is a map for the J. Wellington Wimpy in your group. It’s well-known that Paris has gotten deep into a Brooklyn obsession, offering up hip joints for gourmet coffee, lobster rolls, Brooklyn Brewery, and many things American.

In this  collaboration with Fast and Food, FraisFrais and Thrillist (who have produced a similar maps for bars in NYC), life has become so much easier for the burger lovers of France, as well as burger obsessed tourists to find burger joints on each of the 14 lines that make up the Paris metro. And we’re not talking about McDonalds and Quick. Continue on for a more detailed look at this map.


Paris-W Hotel-Opera-Ski Gondola-Bar-Cafe-France-001

Can’t get to the slopes this winter? The W Hotel Paris – Opéra has a fun new twist on the standard sidewalk cafe. You can take a drink one of the three ski gondolas, set up in just inside a border of fern bushes on the sidewalk outside the W Lounge. Each gondola has a different decor inside, from flower overboard, to tiki lounge to velvet luxury.


Yelp-Word Map-Reviews-Hipster
Yelp’s wordmap for reviews that mention the word “Hipster”, with hotspots in the East Village, Williamsburg and the West Village

We’ve got to hand it to Yelp for utilizing its vast database of reviews to create these fun Wordmaps that show the density of reviews that mention keywords like hipster, bacon, cheap, PBR and more. The tool is available in 14 cities, including New York, Los Angeles, Paris, San Francisco and Boston. The press, meanwhile, is having a field day of course.


Starbucks-Montmartre-Place de Tertre-Paris
Starbucks opens in Montmartre at Place du Tertre Source: Starbucks France

A long-feared invasion of corporate America has arrived in the form of Starbucks in Montmartre at Place du Tertre. Although opening a Starbucks in Montmartre is a no-brainer since its one of the most visited places in Paris by tourists, it has been met with greater skepticism than the other 50 Starbucks locations in Paris. Parisians love to protest and according to NBC News(more…)