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Governors Island has become a popular summer location for New Yorkers to take a day trip on the weekends. With spectacular views of Manhattan, open green spaces and fun tours, its a perfect oasis from the daily grind of the city. However, this little tourist getaway has a deep and rich history. Dating back to the American Revolution, Governors Island was a vital strategic point given its location on the converging East and Hudson Rivers. And any place with a complex history, we’ve learned, has plenty of good secrets to unearth. Here are our 10 favorite secrets of Governors Island, which you can use when it reopens for the season next year:


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Las Vegas is known as the capital of entertainment; an adult’s playground; the city of sin. However the in-city experts at the Las Vegas Power Pass have visited some of the more unconventional sites and attractions in Las Vegas – those more in tune with geeks than gamblers. Forget blackjack and casinos, this guide to Vegas is all about the unusual things to do from visiting the Atomic Testing Museum, to UFO spotting on the Extraterrestrial Highway.


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The first big, important news to impart is that there is an alternative Oktobefest in Germany that few people know about. Called Oide Wiesn (old Oktoberfest) and in its fourth year, the festival was founded precisely to combat the overwhelming tourist experience at the tents. Though slightly more expensive, it’s a throw-back to the Oktoberfest of old, with rides and replica tents in the traditional style.

In New York City, we’ve asked beer enthusiast and Untapped Cities contributor Luke Kingma to put together his list of best spots to celebrate Oktoberfest in the spirit of the original.


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Releasing on October 7th (but already available for pre-order on Amazon) will be the new guidebook, New York: Hidden Bars & Restaurants written by Untapped Cities founder Michelle Young and the site’s contributing editor Laura Itzkowitz. As an update to our popular NYC Bars guide on Untapped Cities, below is our guide for 2015 with descriptions excerpted from the upcoming book.

Upon reviewing the 2015 list, you may wonder where some of the classic hidden bars – Please Don’t Tell, Little Branch, The Back Room, Apotheke – just to name a few. As they have been featured in our previous hidden bars list or our underground bars list, we have aimed for a wider range of experiences on this curation.


Rica Takashima Flow Randall's Island Untapped Cities AFineLyne“El Barrio Comes in All Colors, Shapes and Sizes” by Rica Takashima. Photo via flowartnyc.org

Fall is in the air and with it, an entirely different backdrop to New York City’s art installations. Some of these installations will be leaving in early October, others will be here through the fall and beyond. The below takes us from the Brooklyn Navy Yard to City College, indoors and out. Here are 11 exhibits and installations not to miss.


The Manhattan Bridge may not be New York’s most beloved or attractive bridge but it still has a deep history full of unknown secrets. After a decade of planning, three different architects, and many political changes this bridge tells a fascinating story about turn-of-the-20th-century Manhattan architecture and its life moving forward. Completed in 1909 under the supervision of chief engineer Leon Moisseiff, the country’s first modern suspension bridge spans from Canal Street in Chinatown to Flatbush in Brooklyn.

Take a look at some of the secrets we discover, with special thanks to Dave Frieder for contributions and photos.