In late March 1906, less than a month before San Francisco would be rocked by a massive earthquake, artist Vernon Howe Bailey visited the city to make pencil sketches of notable buildings and urban landscapes.  These drawings, now mostly forgotten, captured scenes that soon would be jarringly altered.

Bailey’s arrival on March 28 was of sufficient local interest that the next morning the San Francisco Call ran an article reporting that “the famous artist of the east arrived.” He was dispatched by Everybody’s magazine, as part of a series, “American Cities in Pencil,” that he was doing for the monthly publication.  He completed his work and moved on to other locations by early April.


The row of seven Victorian townhouses facing the east side of San Francisco’s Alamo Square, variously known as Postcard Row and The Painted Ladies, draws thousands of visitors each year to snap iconic photos, but rather than engaging in hit and run tourism, the area’s other architectural treasures and the park itself are also deserving of a look.

Alamo Square, a City park which lies at the summit of a hill west of downtown San Francisco, provides sweeping views of the beautifully ornate houses of Postcard Row with the City’s skyline in the background.


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The craft beer movement happening throughout the Unite States is a testament to the fact that beer has reached an all new height of popularity. Home brewers have taken it to the next level with brewpubs and their clientele are serious beer connoisseurs.  Brewpubs, said to have originated in Germany, are establishments where beer is brewed and served on the same premises (they may or may not have food). San Francisco, and its surrounding area, is unequivocally the nucleus of the brewpub scene right now in California.

The selection of brewpub are numerous but here is a list of some of 7 notable choices:


Farmigo’s new headquarters in Gowanus, Brooklyn.

Whether you’re an urban dweller looking for better access to organic produce or an agriculturalist looking for better access to a community, Farmigo is the company that will change how you interact with people and food. The website, launched in California in 2009, allows individuals to order a wide array of seasonal, fresh foods from small community farms. Each order is packaged and shipped within 48 hours of harvest and sent to designated communal pick up locations to be picked up by the customer at a prearranged time. At the helm of each pick up location is a community organizer, considered the backbone of the entire operation, that ensures that all orders are shipped and available to the customers as requested. And Farmigo is getting ever closer to the New York City market, with the opening of its headquarters in Gowanus, Brooklyn last week


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Golden Gate Bridge by Oliver K aka @Oliverk_design

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HalcyonaireOakland’s Halyconaire plays dark country rock that channels both the intensity of the Bay Area and the loneliness of vast desert landscapes

Welcome back to Untapped Cities’ Listen series. Today, we profile Oakland-based band Halyconaire, one of the most interesting bands performing in the Bay Area scene right now.  Writing dark country rock that evokes the solitude and eerie, expansive beauty of the Southwestern deserts, they are a band that is keenly attuned to the natural and manmade influences of their environment.

After recently relocating to Oakland from the San Diego suburb of Escondido, CA, Halcyonaire’s singer and songwriter Chris Damien talked to Untapped Cities about the the song that tells the story of their migration, the outdoor performance space they would love to build, and the taco trucks where you can find a member of their band on any given day.