DEGA Films-NDA-Wild In The Streets-Untapped Cities-Street Art-Art-Film-Documentary-NYC(Screenshot via DEGA Films)

DEGA Films is a collection of Brooklyn filmmakers and street art enthusiasts who have been filming short documentary films featuring some of the most prominent names in the NYC street art scene. So far, DEGA Films has created two film series. Art Pollution features NYC street artists like NDA, LNY, Jilly Ballistic, along with street art duos, The Yok & Sheryo and Iranian duo Icy & Sot. Their second series Wild in the Streets is wrapping up this Friday, with a screening of the last two episodes this weekend. While Art Pollution was a nice introduction, featuring POV episodes and Hyperlapse shots of murals created inside bars and walls in NYC, Wild in the Streets is a more complete vision, one that truly captures the hustle in which NYC street artists put their work on display.


Albertine-French Bookstore-Cultural Services of French Embassy-Fifth Avenue-NYC-007

There’s a lot of activity happening in the Cultural Services of the French Embassy on 5th Avenue and 79th Street. The former Gilded Age mansion of Payne Whitney designed by Stanford White has been host to predominantly offices, special events and film shoots until tomorrow, when Albertine, a French bookstore and reading room will open to the public. In fact, it will be the only French bookstore in New York City, following the closing of Librarie de France  in 2010.


Porte Molitor-Paris-Abandoned Metro Station-Subway-Parc des PrincesAbandoned Paris Subway Station. Image via Flickr user (Patch)

Here’s what the Untapped staff is reading in the HQ today:

Lars Fisk-Con Ed-Broadway Morey Boogie-Broadway Mall-NYC-001Lars Fisk Con Ed at Broadway Morey Boogie

Spanning all five miles of the Broadway Malls, which stretch from the Upper West Side to Washington Heights, 10 sculptures from 10 well known and emerging artists will be on display. This first of its kind exhibition, titled Broadway Morey Boogie (an homage to modern artists Piet Mondrian’s famous painting Broadway Boogie Woogie), is an effort to bring art normally seen in the midtown galleries of NYC, down to street level; engaging the thousands of workers, natives and tourists, who walk along the spinal cord of Manhattan every minute of every day. (more…)

Infrastructure is an inevitable part of urban living. Subways and tunnels need ventilation, but the question is often–how to keep these functional spaces contained and away from the public eye? While many subway substations have been gutted and turned into apartments in New York City, other ventilation buildings have been concealed as residential townhouses. Here’s a roundup of these clever pieces of faux architecture in NYC, Paris, London and Toronto:

1. Brooklyn Heights Subway Ventilator


This year’s Open House New York is coming up the weekend of October 11th and 12th–and we’re not the only ones getting excited for this year’s events at some of our favorite New York City locations. Every year, the country’s largest architecture and design event puts on an impressive number of great events to educate the public about architecture and design culture in NYC. Our favorite OHNY events are the tours of locations that are usually closed to the public and although not all have been announced quite yet, we’ve highlighted 16 locations so far that you should check out:

We know that some of our favorite locations are being reopened for OHNY tours this year. These include:

1. TWA Flight Center at JFK Airport


Tours of architect Eero Saarinen’s rarely open TWA Flight Center will be given on Saturday, October 11th. Check it out before it gets converted into a hotel. See our interior photographs here.