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On a sunny day, owners & occupants can be seen sitting on the rocking chair porches

On a sunny day, owners & occupants can be seen sitting on the rocking chair porches

The historic Astor Row in Harlem dates back to land purchased by John Jacob Astor in 1844 for the sum of $10,000 on what is now 130th Street between Lenox Avenue and Fifth Avenue in Harlem. It wasn’t until 1880 though, through the efforts of his grandson William, that 28 semi-attached row houses began construction.


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Let’s face it: Manhattan is loud. Get in touch with your inner zen for a second and avoid the screeching noise of the subway at these five spots on the quieter side. Check out a bar opened by monks, a room filled with dirt, the smallest park in NYC, and more! (more…)

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Here are our pics this week from the best of our Untapped Cities Photo Pool. This week, we’re going with the theme Hazy Days, with each of these photos creatively utilizing the element of steam, smoke, fog or haz. Remember, to have one of your photos entered in the running for a “Best Of” nod, just hasthag #untappedcities on Instagram or Twitter. Keep an eye on what contributors and readers are checking out by browsing the live feed.

Steamy Streets by Raheim aka black_soap



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untapped cities-douglas capraro

This week we profile Untapped Cities writer Douglas Capraro, who focuses on quirky New York City lifestyle discoveries like graffiti in the New York City subway, the bizarre at the Morbid Anatomy Museum, and then and now photographs of NYC from the 1970s

What’s your “day job”?

Since graduating from SUNY Purchase College this winter with a degree in literature, I have succesfully avoided getting a “real” job (or going to grad school, for that matter) by bouncing around different internships and surviving on a multitude of different freelance writing gigs. Otherwise, I divide my time between writing, recording, and playing shows with my band Dead Tenants and writing part-time for Dead Borough, a start-up website created by a small group of my friends. (more…)

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Here’s what the Untapped staff is reading at the HQ today!

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13th avenue manhattan daily what west village new york city untapped citiesThis is a view of 13th avenue. “13avenorth” by Jim.henderson at Wikipedia

There may be a 13th avenue in Brooklyn, but have you ever seen the minuscule 13th avenue in Manhattan? Despite its unassuming size, 13th Avenue holds prime Meatpacking District real estate with coveted Hudson River views. It lies just West of 11th Avenue (ironically, 13th Avenue doesn’t go anywhere near 12th Avenue), between Little West 12th Street and Gansevoort Street…but it wasn’t always so small. (more…)