5Pointz Whitewash Memorial-2014-Rest In Paint Gate-Queens-Long Island City-NYC-001

One year ago today, New Yorkers woke up to the news that Long Island City street art haven 5Pointz had been whitewashed, following a long effort by 5Pointz organizers to save the building and get it landmarked. Since then, we’ve gone in to document the demolition this fall and reported on a video of the iconic sign that came tumbling down. Last night, 5pointz held a memorial event to mark the first anniversary of the whitewash. About 150 people attended in the cold, while Meres and Danielle Mastrion repainted the “rest in paint” gate. Here are some photographs by Untapped Cities writer Rachel Fawn Alban.


Modular apartment at Barclays Center to be stalled no more? 

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We’re always on the look out for fun maps of NYC and we came across this site recently, NYC Roads by Steve Anderson. It looks like it was laid out in the 1990s but it does have a nice archive of road maps, vintage photographs and more. The road map database goes from 1928 to the 1990s. Here are some highlights:

1928 New York and Vicinity Rand McNally Map

This 1928 road map of NYC and vicinity shows the state of the roads. Paved in black, improved in dash line and graded or dirt roads in white:

1928 NYC Regional Map-Rand McNally


Mashmeet-Mashable-Street Dreams Magazine-Untapped Cities-Coney Island-Luna Park-Instameet-Brooklyn-NYCLuna Park (Paduljanin via Instagram)

Usually in winter, the rides of Luna Park (the amusement park in Coney Island) are closed to the public. This past weekend thanks to Mashable and Street Dreams Magazine, the best photographers from all over NYC came together in their second ever “Instameet.” Their first “#Mashmeet” as they call it, had instagrammers from all over the city converging on Central Park, while this second installment brought the Instagram community together to take pictures of an empty Luna Park, and the surrounding Coney Island are.


Arts&Design_SandraBloodworth_NYC_UntappedCites_bhushan mondkar-007Rendering of the upper mezzanine level of the 34th street station built as part of the 7 subway extension. The dome will feature artwork by Xenobia Bailey. Rendering courtesy: MTA

Last week we presented the first part of our interview with Sandra Bloodworth, Director of MTA Arts & Design, where we talked about the incredible rebirth of the New York’s subway system over the past three decades and how the introduction of permanent art has transformed the transit experience in New York. From mesmerizing art cards and poetry in the trains, to captivating music in the stations, Arts & Design continues to touch our lives and ignite our imagination, as New York chugs along every day. In this second part of our four part series, we discuss how Arts & Design has influenced the aesthetics and design philosophy in NYC public transit as well as the different programs within Arts & Design, including the new ones that will soon be rolling down the tracks! This interview was conducted by Catherine Mondkar and Bhushan Mondkar.


LinkNYC-CityBridge-NYC-Payphones-Smart Screens-001

When was the last time you used a pay phone? Pay phones have gone the way of AOL and the VCR, another relic of the past that we just don’t use anymore. It could do with the fact that everyone now has a smartphone (and not change) in their pockets; we have talked about the very small number of vintage phone booths that still remain here in New York City, however, we just have to face facts that NYC has no use for the ol’ quarter-suckers anymore.

So what to do with all those old pay phone booths? To confront this issue, NYC is willing to partake in one of the biggest technological experiments in the city’s history. According to an article in the Washington Post, the project, LinkNYC, a joint project by City Bridge–”a New York City–based consortium of leading experts in technology, advertising, connectivity and user experience”–and the city, are proposing that NYC becomes the first major city to have a high speed W-Fi network spread throughout the entire city.  (more…)