9:11 Museum Art Exhibit-Tumbling Woman-Manhattan-NYCPhoto via the 9/11 Memorial Museum

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Some of the Untapped Cities core staff has been on their annual electricity-less, internet free vacation on remote islands in Brittany, France so we missed this video in our inbox. But we’re back and want to share this dramatic drone video of the always mysterious North Brother Island, the abandoned island in New York City’s East River. We’ve previously covered its historical secrets and shared photographs from photographer Christopher Payne, a collaborator of Untapped Cities, who wrote the book  North Brother Island, The Last Unknown Place in New York CityWe’ve even visited the island ourselves, on a surprise stop with the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation and are anxiously awaiting the study that’s exploring the opening of North Brother Island to public access.


Sharing Models Manhattanisms-Storefront for Art and Architecture-NYC

New York is a city where many people keep to themselves on daily basis. Yet living in the city provides New Yorkers with opportunities to share and cohabitate a lot of the same spaces. On Friday July 15, ‘Sharing Models: Manhattanisms‘ opened to the public at Storefront for Art and Architecture. At the exhibit, 30 architects from around the world presented a combination of real and fictionalized aspects of urban life which display how the concepts of sharing and interconnectedness shapes the present and future of New York City.


In 2012, we visited the first iteration of the Lowline – an exhibition in an Essex Street warehouse that showed the possibilities of the world’s first underground park that could be built in New York City in the abandoned Williamsburg Bridge Trolley Terminal on the Lower East Side. A little less than four years later, city government has given the project official approval. The Lowline will not only bring an innovative new green space to the neighborhood but will also provide a “community-oriented public and cultural space,” the NYCEDC announced last week.


Top Ten Hidden Gardens-Ford Foundation Atrium Garden-NYCImage via Flickr user Timothy Vollmer

Before it experienced a period of industrialization, New York City was full of lush greenery and bucolic treasures. Though the city is filled with more buildings and paved streets than it had in the past, there are still some hidden gardens and green spaces tucked in around the five boroughs. Here are the top ten hidden gardens to get away from the hustle and bustle of New York City.


Jarrett Lyons Photo

This week we profile Untapped Cities contributor, Jarrett Lyons, an urban and arts reporter from CUNY Graduate School of Journalism. He’s a native Brooklynite with an interest in New York history and exploring neighborhoods that still actually have New Yorkers left in them.

What’s your favorite Untapped spot in your city? 

I used to work for La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club and I love seeing shows there to this day. More people should be checking out the work done there. Even if I don’t necessarily enjoy what performance I saw, I always feel satisfied that I stretched the limits of my imagination. Second is my favorite panini shop in Brooklyn but I’ll keep that to myself.