nobutaka aozaki form here to there fun maps-NYC-Untapped Cities2All images via Nobutaka Aozaki

Back in 2012, a Japanese conceptual artist by the name of Nobutaka Aozaki started walking around New York City wearing a blue ‘New York’ baseball cap and toting a plastic bag from Century 21. Though not a tourist himself, he posed as one and approached real tourists in the street, asking them for directions to a well-known city attraction, landmark, or building. When they would offer to show him the way on their phones, he’d refuse, saying he would remember better if they drew a little map for him on pieces of paper he provided. Most tourists, unlike busy New Yorkers with little words and even less patience, obliged.

From their drawings sprung ‘From Here to There,’ a ‘map’ of Manhattan made entirely of hand-drawn pointers to famous landmarks and buildings.


coney island walls animal gentrification-NYC-Untapped CitiesImage via ANIMAL New York

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6sqft punta cana bodega gentrification-NYC-Untapped CitiesImages via Doug Cameron

Have you ever been struck by a food craving so powerful you couldn’t think about anything else? Chocolate, french fries, maybe a fresh skimmed pond scum smoothie.

Involuntary gag aside, pond scum smoothies, Oxacan sea salt taco rubs, and Barnyard Scent country deodorant are just the kinds of exciting new products that marketing experts Doug Cameron and Tommy Noonan think will revitalize their newest client, the lunch counter Punta Cana in Washington Heights. The bodega, touted as a popular eating joint on the corner of Broadway and 162nd Street for the past 30 years, has fallen hard due to spiking rents. Cameron and Noonan’s posters, advertising unsightly new products for ridiculous prices as part of their ‘Artisanal Landlord Price Hike Sale,’ are meant to raise awareness of rising rents threatening smaller businesses in the area.


Forever Marilyn - Seward Johnson - Untapped Cities - AFineLyne

The Garment District Alliance, formerly the Fashion Center BID, invited famed sculpture artist, Seward Johnson to install eighteen colorful life-like bronze sculptures along the Broadway Pedestrian Plazas between 36th Street and 41st Street. The installation, named Seward Johnson in New York: Selections from the Retrospective features selections from three of his collections and will remain on view through September 15 as part of the Summer Arts on the Plazas program.

New Yorkers are having a lot of fun with this installation. We watched as commercial trucks unloaded in and around them, locals had their morning coffee at tables and chairs sitting next to them, and tourists couldn’t wait to have their pictures taken with them.


paradise 4 paws jfk pet terminal-NYC-Untapped CitiesImage via Paradise 4 Paws

In 2015, almost 70 years after the dawn of commercial air travel following World War II, airports are still the epitome of frustration and tediousness, second only to the state DMV. Long waiting lines, early mornings, and even later nights are what await passengers as soon as they check in. At least, that’s the case for human passengers. John F. Kennedy International Airport has recently announced its plan to built a $48 million pet terminal, called ‘The Ark at JFK,’ in an empty cargo building near its human terminal. It is set to open next year.


Hanna Liden Christopher St Hudson River Untapped Cities‘Everything’ by Hanna Liden at the Ruth Wittenberg Plaza, one of two locations 

Swedish artist Hanna Liden is a fan of bagels. Couldn’t you tell from the three giant stacks of the city’s favorite breakfast food she installed this week in Greenwich Village? ‘Everything’ consists of one such centerpiece at the Ruth Wittenberg Plaza and two others at the Hudson River Park, and is presented by Art Production Fund and Kiehl’s.