Earlier this hour, Untapped Cities founder Michelle Young joined Paul Goldberger and Aaron Betsky on the HuffPostLive segment “The Missed Opportunity Of The World Trade Tower” with host Josh Zepps. The three guests discussed the architecture of compromise that led to the completed design, what happened to the original winning proposal, what the World Trade Center gets right, and where else in the world to look for great urbanism and architecture. Watch the video:


NYC Subway Token

The last time anyone in NYC actually used a token was 11 years ago. For 50 years New Yorkers used these little round coins (that we would mistake for quarters constantly) to ride the subway until the Metrocard debuted and made them obsolete (as well as the token booths, which are slowly being erased too). At the time of the forced token extinction, the MTA had 60 million tokens in circulation. Tons of coins with no pocket or subway to call home. So where did they all go? Were they dumped in the middle of the sea like old train cars? Are they all in some sort of stock room, only sprung out when someone wants a souvenir? Well an article on Gizmodo today revealed what happened to the beloved subway token .  (more…)

Sonya Lee Architect - Meow Parlour

Photo by Christa Hamilton

For those that loved the pop-up cat café that came to New York City earlier this year, a new permanent cat café is opening in the Lower East Side serving macarons–with a side of kitty love. Meow Parlour will have 12 cute cats for patrons to pet over their morning coffee. And, if you fall for one particular feline during your visit, you can even adopt it.


Caffe Reggio shut down by Health Department

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Ridgewood Intermodal Terminal Dispatcher Booth-Queens-Bushwick-Myrtle Wyckoff-NYC-2

In 2010, the Ridgewood Intermodal Terminal opened at Myrtle-Wyckoff station on the border of Brooklyn and Queens, line facilitating subway to bus transfers along the L and M lines. The project from the MTA was completed at a cost of $4.5 million, bringing together the numerous bus lines in the area into a small stretch on Palmetto Street, which is open to buses and deliveries only. Much like the newspaper stand that mimics the original Heins and LaFarge fare control station on 72nd Street, the dispatcher booth is a miniature house that is in the same aesthetic as the main house, just across the street.


Broad City-The Last Supper-Film Locations-City Hall NY Restaurant-Octavia-NYC-Firebird

It’s been a while since our last Untapped Mailbag in which we answer questions from readers, submitted via Twitter, Facebook or e-mail.  But we received quite a challenge from reader Hanna, who wanted to know which restaurant was featured in the season 1 finale of Broad City on Comedy Central. Nearly the entire episode, entitled “The Last Supper,” takes place in inside, where the main characters Abbi and Ilana head to the fictional “Octavia,” a fancy restaurant for Abbi’s birthday. Ilana gets a near fatal allergy to seafood and Abbi accidentally injects herself with the Epipen. We usually send these queries to our team at Untapped Cities and collectively try to hunt down answers.