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Execution Rocks Lighthouse. IIjpg
Execution Rocks Lighthouse Today (photo via Scouting NY

New York City’s surrounding islands are always home to unique structures, from hospitals to now a lighthouse. On the Long Island Sound north of Sands Point sits Execution Rocks Lighthouse, recently covered by Nick Carr of Scouting NY. This lighthouse and keeper’s house is in immaculate condition thanks to oversight by Historically Significant Structures.


04/08/14 10:00am

This year on the Park Avenue Mall is Alice Aycock’s ‘Park Avenue Paper Chase’

There are more then daffodils popping up in our parks and public spaces.  Here’s a roundup of some of our favorite public art pieces so far this season that we think you should check out this month!


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Tammany-Hall_Union-Square_NYC_Untapped-Cities-01-Bryan-Garcia The Union Square East view of the former Tammany Hall headquarters, which now serves as the campus for the New York Film Academy and houses the Union Square Theater.

Although Tammany Hall continues to be associated with Boss Tweed and the corruption that often accompanied the machine politics of the nineteenth century, there is a more innocuous item that can be connected to Tammany Hall today: the New York Film Academy.

The former headquarters of the Tammany Society, located on the intersection of 17th Street and Union Square East, replaced the razed E 14th Street site that hosted the political machine in the era of Boss Tweed. The Democratic Party organization met at the Union Square site from 1929 until 1943, when Local 91 of the International Ladies Garment Workers Union purchased the building. In 1991, the Union Square Theater opened in the auditorium of the building for off-Broadway shows and the New York Film Academy followed in 1994, re-purposing the remainder of the building for its Union Square campus.  (more…)

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The new entrance to The Urban Garden Center as they reopen

The Urban Garden Center opening weekend of April 5th after the explosion in East Harlem

New Yorkers love their markets. They pop up in every borough in every form, from the greenmarkets to the flea markets, and they are a large part of our history. Last June, Untapped Cities wrote of a market that celebrated East Harlem’s past.  Located under the overhead tracks and running from 111th Street to 117th Street along Park Avenue, La Marqueta, Flea Marqueta and The Urban Garden Center have brought back the spirit of Fiorello LaGuardia’s original 1936 plan conceived as an informal gathering place–a place for pushcart vendors and other merchants to sell their produce.  Unfortunately the market slowly declined in the 1970′s and several attempts to bring it back failed.  (more…)

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03-Ellis Island 26

The weather is getting better finally in NYC. Isn’t it time you checked out some of our curated picks of the week? 

Monday April 7th

Start off the week by heading over to the Scandinavia House on 58 Park Avenue. The Nordic Center in America is playing host to an interesting dance-noir created by The Danise Lumière Dance Company, who mix dance, music and theater, to bring literary adaptations to the stage. The work the Dance Company will be paying tribute to is the poetry of 2011 Noble Prize winner  Tomas Tranströmer. Tickets and more information can be found here.

Also don’t miss the street art exhibit at the Jeffrey Leder Gallery in Long Island City that just opened Saturday. Members of the graffiti community have come together to respond to the whitewashing of 5 Pointz through art.

04/07/14 10:00am
Detail of a painting by Meres One

Detail of a painting by Meres One, who was curator and resident artist at 5 Pointz.

The iconic 5 Pointz building in Long Island City may have been painted over, but the artists can’t be silenced.  In the Whitewash show at the Jeffrey Leder Gallery, members of the graffiti collective have voiced their thoughts and feelings after discovering that the beloved art center had been suddenly whitewashed overnight.