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Did you know that Brooklyn used to have a diagonal street that ran through downtown through Fulton and Pearl to Boerum Place and Livingstone Street? This is Red Hook Lane, a path that existed even before the first Dutch and British settlers in colonial New York. Red Hook Lane’s origin dates back to the Canarsie native American tribe, who used this road as a trail between East River and Jamaica.


JR Ellis Island-Unframed Ellis Island-National Park Service-Save Ellis Island-Art-NYC-003

We recently went on an extensive hard hat tour of the abandoned Ellis Island Southside Hospitals, looking for a lot of of the JR artwork that hasn’t really been photographed or seen. In fact, our tour guide from the National Park Service came across JR pieces even she hadn’t seen before. The hard hat tour is sold out until March, but there are still dates available in March, April and May. The tours are a fundraising mechanism to rehabilitate the hospitals, once one of the most advanced healthcare facilities in the world.


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Remember that colossal landfill on Staten Island that held millions of tons of New York’s garbage? That once stinking, seagull infested dump, aka the Freshkills landfill which gave Staten Island an unfortunate identity for over half a century, is now on its way to becoming the largest park developed in New York City in over 100 years. Spanning over 2,200 acres, Freshkills Park will be three times the size of Central Park upon completion! Untapped Cities had the opportunity of joining AIANY aboard the classic harbor line yacht ‘Manhattan’ for one of their Archtober tours, meandering through the narrow creeks (or Kills as they call it in Dutch) within this already picturesque landscape.


United Nations Delegates Dining Hall-Manhattan East Side-42nd Street-NYC

As you may have caught with some of our behind-the-scenes photographs, the United Nations recently underwent a huge renovation–the first since the complex on Manhattan’s East Side opened in 1952. Quietly reopening, and as under-the-radar as it has always been, was the United Nations Delegates Dining Room in the General Assembly Building. Unlike what its name suggests, the restaurant is also open to the public (non delegates) with advance reservation. The buffet format at the Dining Room means that you’ll be brushing past and sitting amidst ambassadors, dignitaries and delegates, all while taking in impressive views of the East River, Roosevelt Island and Long Island City.


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Chris Ofili’s “Lime Bar” (2014) and “Cocktail Serenade” (2014), the New Museum

What are we to make of the artist Chris Ofili? Acclaimed by critics worldwide, awarded Britain’s Turner Prize in 1998 (its first black winner), denounced by Mayor Rudolph Giuliani in 1999 for his Holy Virgin Mary ornamented with elephant dung, chosen as Britain’s representative at the 2003 Venice Biennale, where he collaborated on the British Pavilion with architect David Adjaye, and given a renowned show at the Tate in London in 2010. Now he has a spectacular show at the New Museum, called “Night and Day,” where crowds of people murmur quietly while respectfully examining his appealing paintings, drawings, and sculptures.