1980-transportation-alternatives-transit-strike-subway-NYCA Transportation Alternatives volunteer directs hordes of inexperienced bikers commuting to work during the 1980 transit strike

We all know how frustrating it is when your morning train has issues. (We’re looking at you, L line!) Now imagine eleven days without subways or buses. By 1980, the city had started to recover from the mid-’70s fiscal crisis, but dealing with union contracts, many of which had been frozen or taken a hit during the crisis, presented a new challenge. In the conventional telling of the story, the Transit Workers Union Local 100 demanded a 30% raise and more days off, the MTA countered with a 3.5% raise and increased productivity requirements on March 31, and the strike began on April 1. The seeming outlandishness on both sides makes more sense with a bit of historical context.


Dewey Arch-Madison Square Park-Victory Arch-NYC

Today, the book Broadway by Untapped Cities founder Michelle Young launched, published by Arcadia and featuring nearly 200 vintage photographs chronicling the history of the world-famous street, along with contemporary photographs by Untapped Cities contributors. We’ve asked Michelle to share with us 10 of the most surprising vintage photographs she came across in her research. Check them out here and buy the book on Amazon. Join in for a book talk and signing in New York City at WeWork with Michelle on May 26th, free tickets here.


JR-Inside Out Project-Fordham University-Lincoln Center-Street Art-NYC-002

In New York City, artist JR may be most famous for his work in Times Square, pasting 6000 faces onto the floor as part of his continuing Inside Out Project, or for Unframed, an exhibition in the abandoned Ellis Island hospitals using the faces of real immigrants. On a smaller, but non less important scale, JR also recently brought the Inside Out Project to Fordham University at Lincoln Center and the local community.


Verandah Place-Cobble Hill Park-NYC-Untapped Cities-Jeff Reuben-1

Verandah Place in Brooklyn’s Cobble Hill Historic District is a charming little street that seems to transport one back to the neighborhood’s mid-nineteenth century origins. Rather than being frozen in time, however, its attractive character is due not only to the small scale of its quaint rowhouses, but also to the adjoining park that was created in the 1960s and which both altered and enhanced its historic context.


UntappedCities BigScreen Instagram Contest Photo, vendor, NY snacks, junk food, NYC food stand, newspaper stand, eat NY, NYC photographyWhat Do You Need? by thompsonlxs_

This week, we showcase a last batch of 25 photos from the #UntappedCities and #BigScreenNY contest. This is our third week of posting your beautiful photographs of our city! Be sure to check out week one and two photos as well. The contest will end April 5th so you have one day left to submit photographs by hash tagging #UntappedCities and #BigScreenNY and following @untappedcities on Instagram.The winning photos will be displayed at Big Screen Plaza from April 20th to 24th between 12 and 1 pm.

You can check out all the photos we’ve posted in our article in our Pinterest board. Here are this week’s photos, enjoy!


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