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Although we still know it as the Triborough Bridge in New York City, it was officially renamed the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge in 2008, connecting Manhattan, the Bronx, and Queens. The bridge, already as one that connects three boroughs, is no ordinary one. It is not just one single span suspension bridge, rather, it’s made up of three long-span bridges. We’ve gathered some photos that urban explorer Dark Cyanide took while on the bridge, offering stunning views of both the structure and the city. As you scroll through these images, we’ll also give you a little history on the bridge.  (more…)


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While nowadays it seems a foregone conclusion that the United States capital city is Washington DC, for the first 100 years of the country’s existence it was hardly so defined. The location, 10 square miles straddling the Potomac River with portions in both Maryland and Virginia, was established in 1790 with the Permanent Seat of Government Act (recently dramatized by the song “The Room Where It Happens” from the musical Hamilton). But this didn’t satisfy all Americans. Over the course of the young country’s first century, the idea of moving the capital would come up three more times.


The Roof Garden Psycho Barn Untapped Cities AFineLyneThe current Roof Garden Commission at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

The fourth annual, site-specific, roof garden installation, commissioned for The Metropolitan Museum of Art, is now on view, and it’s the creepy haunted house from the movie Psycho. This summer’s roof garden commission is titled Transitional Object (PsychoBarn), by the acclaimed British artist Cornelia Parker(more…)

10 Repurposed Theaters in NYC

04/19/2016 at 9:00 am

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You have no idea how many times this native has planned to see a show, enters the building, and then leaves curious about how the owner repurposed the space for art.  It’s easy to miss if you find yourself outside of the amazing theatre district during the day. However, if you are a theatre lover, especially of Off Broadway, Off Off Broadway, performance art, and/or avant garde, then we have a fun and artistic scavenger hunt for you. We present the many repurposed theaters in New York City. Happy hunting! (more…)

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Here’s what the Untapped Staff is reading in the HQ today:

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