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It’s pretty rare to find a nice sandy beach, particularly in Manhattan. In Swindler’s Cove in Inwood, a waterfront area typically bound by hard, concrete edges, there is one spot where you can put your bare feet into the sand and listen to the gentle lapping of waves. Swindler’s Cove and Sherman Creek Park was part of a New York Restoration Project (NYRR) initiative to reclaim the waterfront and revitalize the city’s public spaces


The Manhattan Bridge may not be New York’s most beloved or attractive bridge but it still has a deep history full of unknown secrets. After a decade of planning, three different architects, and many political changes this bridge tells a fascinating story about turn-of-the-20th-century Manhattan architecture and its life moving forward. Completed in 1909 under the supervision of chief engineer Leon Moisseiff, the country’s first modern suspension bridge spans from Canal Street in Chinatown to Flatbush in Brooklyn.

Take a look at some of the secrets we discover, with special thanks to Dave Frieder for contributions and photos.


Historic Home in Harlem’s in Mount Morris Park 

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If you needed more evidence that Red Hook is quietly becoming the alternative to an over-run Williamsburg waterfront, apart from the street art, low key but trendy restaurants, indie bookstores, avant garde art scene, and cool real estate, just ask the two hundred or so people who turned up at Valentino Pier for the Red Hook Regatta, a 3D-printed boat race on Sunday, run by the Red Hook Initiative and Pioneer Works as part of the Red Hook Digital Stewards program, a year-long training fellowship for young adults in the neighborhood.


Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx is one of those untapped gems you have to do a little extra traveling for, but is worth the effort. Opened in 1863, Woodlawn Cemetery encompasses 400 acres of landscaped hills, paths and mausoleums worthy of royalty, designed for New York’s elite to match their Fifth Avenue mansions. The Cemetery is one of the Historic District Council’s “Six to Celebrate” this year. And on Saturday, the Woodlawn Conservancy, HDC and Women of Woodlawn will host a scavenger hunt across five themed trails:



At Untapped Cities, with our mantra “Rediscover your city,” we have long espoused the idea that you can be a tourist in your own city. In partnership with Expedia.com, we’ve put together a guide to the fun facts about Brooklyn landmarks that even many New Yorkers do not know. If you want to surprise your friends, impress visitors, and drum up your NYC-street cred, this is your indispensable guide.