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July 14

It’s the last day of French Restaurant Week!

Museum of the City of New York hosts the tour of St. John the Divine, “Hidden Genius: Rafael Guastavino at St. John the Divine” in conjunction with their Palaces for the People exhibit. This tour is sold out but you can join our vertical tour of St. John the Divine Saturday August 23rd at 12pm for an adventurous behind-the-scenes look climb to the top of one of the world’s largest cathedrals.


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 NYC-Music-Map-Full-View-Untapped-CitiesPhoto via Constantine Valhouli

It would be nearly impossible to visualize the songs that reference and are inspired by New York City – until now. Real estate developer Constantine Valhouli (whose past exploits include a Facebook hoax centered around fake memorial plaques) took it upon himself to comb Wikipedia’s list of songs referencing New York City, and has created an interactive map which puts a pin on the location mentioned in each song. (more…)

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10004337005_6452cfbc04_zA vintage double decker bus of the Fifth Avenue Coach Company. Image Source: Flickr.com by the MTA

Fifth Avenue has it all: opulent retail, national embassies, corporate headquarters–but no Subway line. Why is this? Not only is there no line now (and no plans for one in the future), but no elevated trains or trolleys have ever operated on one of the world’s grandest thoroughfares. In fact, the avenue’s transit history is one of the most complex of any street in New York City. (more…)

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A couple years ago, we sent Untapped Cities editor Benjamin Waldman on a quest to track down places that memorialize Edgar Allan Poe. In the process, one particular item that gave him trouble was locating the mantel in front of which Poe wrote his famous poem “The Raven.” According to documentation Waldman tracked down, Columbia University had acquired the mantel in 1908 from a Colonel Hemstreet who had saved the mantel from destruction during the demolition of the Brennan farmhouse, where Poe had lived on what is now 84th Street and Broadway.


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Here is what the untapped staff are reading at the HQ today:

New York


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In this installment of Fun Maps, we looked at a 1970′s New York City subway map we had lying around the Untapped HQ and we found subway relic of the past. On September 23rd, 1978, amidst struggles to put into place rebuilding projects from the 1960s and an impending train operator strike, the Transit Authority introduced the “Train to the Plane” or the “JFK Express.” The ride charged premium fare and featured higher quality train cars. The train was actually slower than the A service, though many residents of Howard Beach, Queens were happy to pay extra for a more comfortable ride to work or home.