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Inside the entrance you will find a colorful showcase filled with gifts & souvenirs

Every day, talented people come to New York City, suitcase in hand, hoping to make it on Broadway.  But sometimes that dream takes more then a day or a month or two. Enter Ellen’s Stardust Diner, where those with talent and stardust in their eyes have a way to pay their rent on their way to the top—and sharpen their skills along the way.  (more…)

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2013 Diner en Blanc Paris Eiffel Tower-Tracadero-Cour Caree du Louvre-007

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New York City

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As you may have noticed, there are a lot of people in New York City. For some personality types this is overwhelming, but for others it offers a sort of strange comfort. Personally, I love being surrounded by people that I have no obligation to talk to or interact with in any way. The ability to totally ignore anyone who is giving you unwanted attention is not rude, it’s a valuable life skill—is this man just looking for conversation, or is he trying to get close enough to bite me? Who knows! Welcome to New York!  (more…)

04/11/14 12:00pm

Brooklyn's historic skyscrapers NYC Untapped Cities

Brooklyn Heights was the first-ever New York City neighborhood to be designated a historic district. But did you know there’s also a Brooklyn Skyscraper District?

For over a decade the Brooklyn Heights Association and a coalition of residents rallied against Robert Moses, who proposed routing the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway through the heart of a neighborhood with over 600 pre-civil war structures. Had this proposal come to fruition, hundreds of historic homes would have been demolished.  After nine years of legislative maneuvers, Brooklyn Heights was designated a historic district in 1965, paving the way for other neighborhoods to seek the same protection. There are now 109 historic districts and 20 historic district extensions across the city.  (more…)

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Mad Men season 7 Untapped CitiesPhoto Credit: AMC via Flavorwire

We’re pretty psyched for Mad Men’s return to AMC on Sunday. Before season 6, we published the Mad Men Guide to NYC, full of places featured in the show where you can still go to feel like a partner at SC&P. Now, for season 7, we’ve got the scoop on which venues in Manhattan and Brooklyn will be airing episodes on Sunday nights.   (more…)

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Hall of Fame-Bronx-Bronx Community College-Untapped Cities-NYC-Christopher Inoa-University Heights

Located on the grounds of Bronx Community College a 630 foot open air monument to the history of the United States is neglected by its citizens and student body. The Hall of Fame for Great Americans has been in the University Heights section of the Bronx for over 100 years. It was built as a tribute to the soldiers of the American Revolution, who fought to retake this part of the city, which was then occupied by the British army.

Founded in 1900 by the former  chancellor of New York University Dr. Henry Mitchell MacCracken, The Hall of Fame for Great Americans was the first official Hall of Fame celebrating the people who helped form the identity of the United States.