David-Attie, Truman-Capote, Brooklyn-Historical-Society, Brooklyn, New-YorkPhoto by David Attie via Brooklyn Historical Society.

For those into photography, David Attie is a 20th century artist that is hard to forget. However, his passing in the 1980s resulted in him being largely forgotten by the mainstream. But a recent rediscovery displayed at the Brooklyn Historical Society has resulted in a new appreciation for his work.



For over 100 years, the arch in Washington Square Park has been one of New York’s most famous monuments. Located in Greenwich Village, it was dedicated on May 4, 1895 to George Washington to celebrate the centennial of his presidential inauguration. It has since overlooked years of city history and cultural shifts. But while everyone is familiar with its exterior, the interior of the arch remains fairly mysterious. Closed off to the public, only a few people a year get the privilege of stepping inside of it. Here are some exclusive photos from inside the historic arch.  (more…)

woodlawn-cemetery-bronx-nyc-untapped-citiesAerial view of Woodlawn Cemetery. Image via Sanstead

Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx is not exactly unknown as it’s one of the largest cemeteries in New York City with a wide array of famous people buried there. But there is plenty about the cemetery that many denizens of New York do not know making some of the following secrets are certainly untapped. (more…)

The Chatsworth Building-Upper West Side Manhattan-NYCThe Chatsworth – Photo via Flickr/Bosc d’Anjou

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PosterDisplay@CooperUnionFoundationBuildingsWesternWindows-7-1-2016-DMulkins‘Windows on the Bowery,’ the entire set of posters at the Cooper Union. Photo courtesy of The Cooper Union by João Enxuto

The Cooper Union partnered with the Bowery Alliance of Neighbors present “Windows on the Bowery,” a historic signage project displaying a series of 63 posters in the windows of corresponding buildings on Bowery Street. From Chatham Square all the way to Cooper Square, the Bowery has been the home of many firsts, such as the first New York streetcar and the birth of punk-rock. These firsts, along with other entertaining histories about each building, are present on all of the posters.


Rick-Kelly, Guitars, Carmine-Street-Guitars, Bob-Dylan, Great-Big-StoryPhoto via Carmine Street Guitars Facebook

At Carmine Street Guitars located in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village, owner Rick Kelly combines history and superior craftsmanship to make some of the most desired guitars in New York City.