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While spring has not quite sprung, we’re planning ahead with some great walking tours for May, in partnership with Abandoned NYC, Boroughs of the Dead and Oscar Wilde Tours.

Exploration of Dead Horse Bay with Abandoned NYC: Saturday, May 2nd 12:45 pm

Abandoned NYC_Will Ellis_Curbed-6-2Back by popular demand, join photographer/urban explorer Will Ellis on a walk through the weird side of New York history at Brooklyn’s Dead Horse Bay. Tales of buried pirate treasure, putrefied animal carcasses, and environmental devastation abound on this desolate shoreline, which once served as the final destination for the city’s carriage horses. Today this beach-comber’s paradise is covered with garbage dating back to a 1930s landfill deposit, offering a fascinating look at what New Yorkers were throwing away a century ago. Bring a bag to take home a few of the incredible artifacts you’re sure to stumble upon – there’s plenty to go around.
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We’re pretty excited for the return of PLATFORM at the New York Transit Museum, a crowdsourced evening of performances inspired by and performed by the people you may have shared a subway car with. On April 1st, in the decommissioned subway station the museum calls home in Brooklyn, there will be (among many others) a reading of the play about the demolition of Penn Station by our partners at The Eternal Space, who also co-host our tour on the Remnants of Penn Station. Another performance that caught our eye is a dance invasion called the Third Rail, which addresses the very timely topic of subway etiquette, like manspreading (previously also addressed by Johnny T the Muppet).


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Marble Arch-Lost Demolished-Central Park-NYCImage via Central Park Then & Now

While it has been basically proven that there probably aren’t dinosaurs actually buried underneath Central Park, there is something equally fabulous that remains lost beneath the surface of the famous park. The Marble Arch was one of the finest pieces of architecture in Central Park, located at the end of the mall, on the opposite end of Bethesda Terrace was Marble Arch. It was unique for many reasons.


Echo Vault-Manhattan-Abandoned-Unused Subway Station-NYCEcho Vault. Photo via Gothamist

We know you guys love to read about New York City’s abandoned subway stations, reveling most recently in a Fun Map of these subterranean fascinations. But what about subway stations that were built but never used? An article today about from Second Avenue Sagas about the 7 line extension station at Hudson Yards, awaiting passengers as the rest of the mega development is completed, reminded us of these. Here are 5 never completed or barely used subway stations in New York City:


Earlier this month, Blueprint NYC (produced by the Office of NYCMedia), took viewers into the five Loew’s Wonder Theatres of New York and New Jersey. Their second episode details the fascinating history of the Manhattan Municipal Building, one of New York City’s early skyscrapers built in 1914. A fun fact: the striking building was designed from a rejected sketch of Grand Central Terminal.