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Garryowen Club-69th Infantry Regiment-Lexington Avenue-Bar-NYC-7

The armories of New York City are a wonderful, active testament of an earlier era–when residents self-started their own militia groups. The 69th Infantry Regiment, known in popular culture as “The Fighting Irish,” was initially an all-Irish brigade founded to train Irish immigrants to free Ireland from British control.

The 69th Infantry Regiment has had an illustrious history fighting in the Civil War, World War I (where the famous New Yorker, Father Duffy joined the regiment), World War II and the Iraq war. Wild Bill Donovan, the WWI Medal of Honor awardee, was also part of the 69th and went on to be in charge of the OSS, a forerunner to the CIA. They were also one of the first responders at Ground Zero, going in against orders.


Here are our top 10 curated events picks for the week in New York City, ranging from a pop-up flash mob dinner in white to tours on the origins ofNew York’s underworld, Grand Army Plaza, free beer tastings and more.

Monday, August 25th:


Rachel Fawn Alban_Untapped Cities_Shepard Fairey_THE LISA Project 2014 12

Last week, Shepard Fairey created a new mural at 161 Bowery, near the corner of Broome Street in Lower Manhattan. This massive project was organized by L.I.S.A. Project NYC, the non-profit which has been bringing wonderful street art to Little Italy and the surrounding areas, creating downtown Manhattan’s first mural district. We had the opportunity to shoot these photos of Fairey and his team at work.


One of the best things about a city like New York City, Chicago, or Shanghai is its skyline at night. As iconic as an image of the city in day time, the night skyline is yet another of a city’s signature. It’s also fun to see how skylines like Manhattan’s have evolved throughout the decades, from small buildings to huge skyscrapers. Here are our weekly  Hashtag #UntappedCities on Instagram and Twitter if you would like to have one of your photos entered in the running for our weekly“Best Of” column. Also, you can keep an eye on what contributors and readers are checking out by browsing the live photo pool.

Lights of New York City by Giorgia Nocera aka giorgianut


5 Pointz Demolition-Graffiti-Street Art-Long Island City-Queens-NYCImage via Instagram by notexactlyblue

The day has come for 5 Pointz. Animal New York reports that as of this morning, “a backhoe began tearing into the building that was once the graffiti mecca of New York City. While curators and artists have moved on to other locations in the city, it’s difficult not to see this moment as a symbol of what New York City (its planners and developers at least) aspire for it to be. But in the world of street art in America, a permanent building for aerosol art is probably too much to ask .


Our recent fun map about the farmhouse that moved from the Upper East Side to Greenwich Village reminded us of all the other buildings in NYC that were literally picked up and relocated. Here’s a list of these migrants and their stories!

1. The Empire Theater on 42nd Street

Empire Theater-AMC-Times Square-42nd Street-Moved-NYC

Image via Cryptome