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We’ve already seen two of the more unusual themed bars: The Slaughtered Lamb in Greenwich Village and The Way Station in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Now, let’s look back at those two quirky bars, and we’ll show you two new ones in a roundup of some eccentric places to nerd out with some drinks.


Here are our picks for the Best of the Untapped Cities Photo Pool: Bushwick Collective Block Party & Open Studios, which brought hordes of people to Bushwick last weekend to celebrate the street art scene. Remember, to have one of your photos entered in the running for a “Best Of” nod, just hastag your Instagram or Twitter urban exploration pictures #untappedcities. Keep an eye on what contributors and readers are checking out by browsing the live feed.

Vexta mural on Troutman Street by Christopher Inoa for @untappedcities

Untapped Cities Instagram pic of the week Vexta Bushwick Collective NYC


Mural by Dasic.

Mural by Dasic.

Responsible for at least 30 of the freshest new murals in Bushwick is Exit Room, a wonderful gallery and cultural space. Located at 270 Meserole Street, (two blocks from the L train’s Montrose Ave. stop) Exit Room has been busy working on these murals in preparation for their first annual Juicy Art Festival.  This three-day art and music festival, running from June 5-7, is dedicated to bringing the arts and community together through street art, music, and performance.


Near DeKalb Ave Station, a mural by Joe Iurato who will soon be a curator at Mana Museum of Urban Arts in Jersey City. Near DeKalb Ave Station, a mural by Joe Iurato for The Bushwick Collective. Iurato will soon be curating the new Mana Museum of Urban Arts in Jersey City.

If you haven’t made it out to The Bushwick Collective yet to check out the amazing street art, this weekend would be a great time to go! The Collective is kicking off the summer with its 1st annual gallery show and 3rd annual block party.  We recently had a chance to revisit this street art hotspot, which has featured famous and up-and-coming artists for the past three years.  (more…)

Amar Steward Notorious BIG and Tupac paintings NYC Untapped Cities

British artist Amar Stewart is the man behind the amazing paintings of NYC’s most important MC’s in the guise of 17th century Dutch royals and noblemen. Hailing from London, Stewart came to NYC to do a month-long residency at Cotton Candy Machine in Williamsburg. We met up with Stewart in Bushwick to chat about his inspiration, the New York vs. London art scene, and his upcoming show in San Francisco.

Can you tell us about your inspiration, first of all? We’ve obviously read that you’re inspired by Frans Hals’ portraits in the Met, but are there other artists or art forms that inspire you?

Yeah, definitely ‘cause I only discovered Frans Hals about two years ago, and it was my fiancée that introduced me to his work. I’d heard of it, I’d probably seen a little bit of it, but I never really paid much attention to it. I think because for so many years I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my art, so I was looking at graffiti artists, illustrators, designers, all sorts of creative people in different genres, which I don’t think was a bad thing. I was looking at them all, and I guess because of that I was inspired by so many people. A lot of the works were different mediums, even, like digital or illustrations to chalk works, to aerosol, murals and whatnot.  (more…)

The Worst Landlord in NYC? Rafael Fuchs’ Controversial Show in Bushwick Turns Renters’ Troubles into Art


Last Friday a couple dozen people gathered in to a ground floor loft at 56 Bogart in Bushwick for an opening of a new exhibit at fuchs projects

LandLords, as the exhibit is aptly named, is original work done by the gallery owner, Rafael Fuchs, and the pieces were inspired by the difficulties he has had renting both apartments and studio space in North Brooklyn. Fuchs started this project a few years ago, but decided he needed to finish it after the recent death and tabloid exposure of Hasidic landlord, Menachem Stark(more…)