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Here is your weekly events guide for the week.

Monday, June 30

Just because NYC Pride is coming to an end, doesn’t mean that the party has to! Come out to the NYC Pride Ultimate Mega Grand Finale event at Club Element. Powered by Lovergirlnyc, Dreamgyrls Ent and many more, enjoy three levels of nonstop music by DJ Mary Mac, DJ Missy B, DJ Poison Ivy, DJ Kidd Swag. Doors open at 8 p.m. so don’t be late for the party. Additional information about the event, venue, and ticket purchases are available here.

Head down to the West Village for the last night of the 4th annual Blue Note Jazz Fest to hear Argentinean jazz tenor saxophonist and composer, Gato Barbier. Not only will he be having one show but another to follow; the first is at 8:00 p.m. and the second at 10:30 p.m.  Click here for more information about Gato Barbier and how to purchase tickets for this event that is bound to bring music to your ears. (more…)

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The Arsenal building in Central Park, New York City Vintage NYC Photography Untapped Cities Sabrina RomanoArsenal Building, 1914. Image via The Library of Congress

The Central Park Arsenal, at 64th Street and Fifth Avenue, is one of the two buildings (the other being the Blockhouse) left in the park that predate the park’s formation. Although its medieval architecture doesn’t quite match the park’s aesthetic, the 167-year-old Arsenal has survived multiple demolition attempts by providing a diverse array of functions, from its original usage as a state munitions facility, to the site of the Museum of Natural History, to its current role as home to the Department of Parks and Recreation and headquarters of the Central Park Zoo.


06/16/14 9:00am

NYC Central Park Zoo aerial view Sabrina Romano Untapped Cities
View of Central Park Zoo, 1880. Image via The Library of Congress.

The city legislature never commissioned for the city to have a zoo in the mid 1800s, nor was it part of the original plan for Central Park. Instead, the Central Park Zoo formed in the 1860s when New Yorkers began donating their unwanted pets to the city, and circuses needed a place to store their animals. From the donation of one black bear cub in 1859 and 72 white swans, a menagerie opened  in the park for the public’s enjoyment. The menagerie’s collection of animals continued to grow to include deer, foxes, parrots, and even cows along with others. The collection became a series of small, outdoor, fenced in spaces. In the center of the menagerie, a sea lion pool was added, which although being renovated, exists in the same place today.

Today The New York Times has not only the origin of the Central Park Zoo but also a document which reveals the “curious list of people who donated animals” ranging from powerful men to children with “no ties to power or fame.” We’ve decided to follow up their piece with an installment of vintage photographs from the Central Park Zoo.


06/11/14 2:00pm

It’s summertime which means it’s time to make maximum use of your bike or your Citibike membership. Here, we’ve put together four bike routes for cyclists who are looking to discover some history along with their ride. Included in this article are a leisurely ride from Prospect Park to Brighton Beach, jumping across the East River between Williamsburg, Roosevelt Island and Manhattan, a jam-packed historical route through downtown Manhattan, and a cultural jaunt through Upper Manhattan.

1. The Leisure Lover

Grand Army Plaza-Arch-Prospect Park-Brooklyn-Untapped Cities

Where to: Northern Prospect Park along the Ocean Parkway to Brighton Beach


05/16/14 12:00pm

Godzilla-1998 Roland Emmerich-NYC -2

Today, thousands of people will go to theaters nationwide to see the newest adaptation of Ishiro Honda’s iconic 1954 science-fiction movie Godzilla. This is the 30th original film featuring the iconic “King of The Monsters,” but only his second American adaptation. The first attempt by an American studio to re-introduce Godzilla was in 1998 in a film so bad, that in later adaptations (all Japanese) the monster was written as an impostor, who was quickly destroyed by the “real” Godzilla in 2004′s Godzilla: Final Wars. In celebration of the newest (and most likely better) American version of the iconic monster, we go back to the 90′s and look at the film locations for the film that gave us Puff Daddy ripping off Led Zepplin: Ronald Emmerich’s Godzilla.