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Join us and uncover the vestiges of The Tenderloin, also known as “Satan’s Circus” back in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Picture classy men in top hats up to no good, for The Tenderloin was home to New York City’s brothels, dance clubs, and gambling houses. On October 19th, join us for a tour through the fascinating remains of The Tenderloin district and Tin Pan Alley with historian David Freeland. (more…)

IMG_1308Mike’s Coffee Shop. Image via Flickr: JSsocal

There are few things as characteristic of New York City as the luncheonette. These small, informal dining spaces used to dot the urban landscape as much as Starbucks does today.  Although their cheap meals and neighborhood-friendly atmosphere are now far and few between, we’ve compiled this list of the best luncheonettes still in operation. So, in no particular order, here are our picks of the eight best luncheonettes in NYC that are still serving up great grub at good prices.


Upright citizens brigade comedy improv new york city chelsea untapped cities melissa pesce.jpg2

Some of the best comedy in this city can be found in back of a McDonald’s on 8th Avenue and West 26th Street. The Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theater, or “UCB,” started small, taking over a small strip club, and is now known as one of the finest improv theaters, with shows every night of the week featuring some of the funniest and most talented comic performers in the city. (more…)

We knew this day would come, but yet it hit us like a lightning bolt. We learned this week that Chelsea’s Antiques Garage on West 25th Street will close for good. According to Crain’s New York, the weekend of June 28th and 29th will be their last weekend, and the site will be developed into a hotel tower.


One unexpected sighting in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood is the General Theological Seminary, a leafy green campus which takes up an entire city block on West 20th Street. In an area known better today for its art galleries, the campus of the Episcopal Church’s oldest seminary is an anomaly today. If you haven’t explored General Theological Seminary yet, the dynamic Chelsea Music Festival, which continues through this Saturday, will give you a chance to do so.


OHNY Hudson River Architectural Tour-NYC Starrett-Lehigh

One of our favorite things about the Chelsea Music Festival every year is the great variety of venues where the concerts take place. This year’s festival opened on Friday with an evening called “Air on a New York Skyline”—an appropriate name, as the concert took place at Canoe Studios on the 14th floor of Chelsea’s historic Starrett-Lehigh Building, one of the most important architectural sites on the Hudson River(more…)