Main Shot-RooftopsImage via Flickr; Patrick Shyu

It’s summertime in the city and there’s no better time for maxin’ and relaxin’ after a long day of work with a cocktail and some friends! These¬†off-the-beaten-path rooftop bars hidden high above buildings around the boroughs offer the chance for some¬†breathtaking views of the sunset and skyline along with the requisite craft mixed drinks, beers and bites.


Hammersmith is just down the road from Fulham and Shepherds Bush, in the West of London. There are a lot of pubs there, a lot. But they aren’t your run of the mill, standard pubs. Each one is eye catching, full of character, ready to lure you in for a cool drink and maybe a bit of food too. Here, we’re providing a pub crawl of sorts via the architecture and fun colors of the bars in this neighborhood.