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The Great Saunter Explores the Entire Perimeter of Manhattan’s Waterfront at 3 Miles Per Hour

12 hours, 32 miles, 1,235 people and an unforgettable experience of hiking the entire perimeter of Manhattan. It’s called The Great Saunter–an annual urban walk that meanders through some twenty waterfront parks and promenades, several historic communities and innumerable moments of surprise and wonder. 2015 marks the thirtieth year of this extreme city walking adventure …

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Cities 101: Why Is the Ice on the Hudson River Flowing Both Ways?

This winter, with New York City’s Hudson and East Rivers particularly frozen (and sometimes trapping the ferries), New Yorkers are getting a first-hand glimpse at, well, nature. In-the-know New Yorkers like to point out that the East River is not actually a river, but is an estuary, meaning that waters come in from multiple sources, including salt water …