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We’re excited to announce our new partnership with the neighborhood discovery app, Foursquare. We’ve been creating popular lists on Foursquare for several years now, with our lists saved by some of the app’s 50 million users over 48,000 times. Some of the most popular include our Abandoned New York City list and our NYC Hidden Bars and Restaurants list. In recent weeks, the Foursquare team has been updating our popular lists and adding new ones, like In Tribute: 5 Iconic David Bowie NYC Places and 14 of NYC’s One Food Wonders.

A sample of the mapmaking needed for the game. Image via Technical.ly

From Candy Crush to Temple Run and Trivia Crack, entertainment-seekers have a wide variety of apps at their disposal. New York City history buffs will be pleased at the addition of another innovative app, one that creates both an enjoyable and educational experience for users: Brooklyn 1776. As recently seen on Technical.ly, Creative Good just launched the app,which allows players to relive the American Revolution by fighting in the Battle of Brooklyn.


Popularity Pays App-Joe Coffee-Intellegentsia-Tobys Estate-Swap-Instagram-Brooklyn-NYC-Chicago.PNG

Popular Pays is an app that rewards Instagram users with free perks for taking photographs of participating businesses, with locations unlocked based on the number of Instagram followers. Started in Chicago, the app just starting releasing locations in New York City. For now, the early partners are mostly coffee shops like Toby’s Estate Coffee, Joe Coffee, Intellegentsia and Bluestone Lane Coffee (some spots featured on our Top 10 Coffee Shops for Design Buffs in Brooklyn list), where you can get a free cup of coffee with an Instagram from the spot, as long as you have 500 followers. At Spyglass Rooftop Bar atop Archer New York Hotel, get a free specialty coffee with a photo and 3,000 followers.


How to Speak New York and New Jersey-NPR-WNYC Data Team.23 AM

The soothing, familiar voices of the hosts on NPR–Brian Lehrer, Amy Eddings of All Things Considered, Sotorious Johnson, Manoush Zomorodi–take on “How to Speak New York” in this fun web tool developed by the WNYC Data News Team. And the melting pot that New York (and New Jersey) are means there are some difficult words like “Kosciuszko Bridge” and “Spuyten Duyvil” and “Zabar’s.” We’ve added some fun Untapped facts to their picks.


Explore NYC Parks-Take Me On An Adventure-NYC BIg Apps-2

Did you know that New York City has over 1,900 parks? And 1/5 of the city’s land is devoted to green space. But with parks under so many different jurisdictions, ranging from city, state, national to private, it can be tricky figuring out what park is the right one for your particular adventure, especially if you’re not headed to one of the big dogs like Central Park or Prospect Park.  One of the grand prize winners of this year’s NYC BigApps competition is Explore NYC Parks, an app and website developed by a 26-year old developer to solve just that.


No Ad-Subway App-Street Art-Advertisement-MTA-NYC

Advertisements are like death, taxes and the idea of the Jets not making the Super Bowl this season. An inevitable aspect of life, especially life in NYC. Not all of them are terrible but the majority of ads millions of New Yorker’s normally see inside subway stations are often those for weak McDonald’s coffee, crappy TV shows, movies we hope no one actually pays to see, and products that we have no plan on using, like moon boots (STOP TRYING TO MAKE MOON BOOTS HAPPEN!).

What if we could see more art underground? One of the most memorable things Keith Haring is remembered for is painting on the subway stations, bringing art that would later be seen only in museums to the people underground. This week, we discovered a new app called NO AD. It was developed by a team of designers and street art enthusiasts including the Public Ad CampaignHeavy Projects (Re + Public), and street blogger and photographer Jowy Romano. The basis of this app is to make the subway stations we ride everyday to work, to bars, to our romantic spouse who lives on the other side of the city into a digital art experience.

Continue reading for a video demonstrating the app and a listing of the artists involved in the project.