Wonderstruck Film Set-Location-Crown Heights-Brooklyn-Julianne Moore-Michelle Williams-NYC-004

1970s-era street signs, storefronts and cars suddenly appeared in Crown Heights, Brooklyn this weekend for the upcoming film Wonderstruck, by director Todd Haynes (Carol, Far from Heaven, Mildred Pierce). The movie stars Julianne Moore and Michelle Williams and is based on the Brian Selznick novel of the same name.


West-Side-Story-movie-musical-nyc-untapped citiesWest Side Story, members of The Sharks.

Musicals are intimately connected with New York City. Though many Broadway shows are set in far off places or fantastic lands, many have been set here, in our own backyard. Beginning with On the Town, some of these New York set musicals have used the City to provide a realistic backdrop to their filmed versions. (more…)

As you might know, we love digging into film locations in New York City. So much so, the New York Times interviewed our founder Michelle Young about tracking down the Master of None film locations last year. New York City has been actively courting television and cinema filming in New York City, via its Office of Media and Entertainment, and as WNYC reports with a fun interactive map about NYC’s film locations, the number of scripted television shows filmed here has quadrupled since 2002 (it’s at about 50 shows currently). WNYC also notes that “The 2013-2014 season marked the first time on record that more drama pilots were shot in New York than Los Angeles.”


From the creative minds of Mark and Jay Duplass is a new animated show, Animals, on HBO premiering on February 5th, showing “unexpected tales of urban life” from the perspective of city animals. It seems hilarious already, but we’re particularly excited because the show is clearly set in New York City. Opening with a cat on a classic fire escape landing, the show goes into the life of the Central Park Horse carriages, the cockroaches in the subway, socializing in a dog park, and more. City shots in the trailer include an aerial of Central Park (albeit much squashed), the third section of the High Line pre conversion, the Queensboro Bridge and tramway, and the elevated train in what looks to be Long Island City.


Jessica Jones Walking

Jessica Jones, the second Netflix series set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, premiered on the streaming service a few weeks ago to great acclaim. Like Daredevil, the first Marvel Netflix series, whose film locations we covered earlier this year, Jessica Jones takes place in New York City. After devouring all 13 episodes and researching everything from where Jessica lives, including her favorite neighborhood bar, we picked out our favorite NYC film locations for Marvel’s Jessica Jones.


Man in the High Castle-Amazon-Film Locations-Nazi Times Square-NYC-001

The new Amazon show, Man in the High Castle is (loosely) based on the 1962 book by Philip P. Dick that reimagines the United States if the Allied forces had lost World War II. The East Coast to the Rocky Mountains, known as the “Greater Nazi Reich,” is ruled by the Nazi regime. The Japanese Pacific States in the west is ruled by the Japanese, with a thin Neutral Zone in the center of the country serving as a buffer between the two. The show takes place across the country, with two home bases – New York City and San Francisco, and traces the lives of two main characters – Juliana Crain and Joe Blake, two characters from opposite sides of the country who meet in Canon City in the neural zone.

A lot of the show’s establishing shots are edited with CGI, put on top of familiar places, the city of Seattle serves as some stand-ins for both New York City and San Francisco, while the interiors are clearly filmed on sets. We’ll focus first on locations set in and near New York City, then move to San Francisco and other locations.