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Kaufman astoria studios-stage-film production-motion picture nycImage via Flickr: Jason Eppink

New York City has always been a hotbed for high profile Hollywood film shoots, so much so that we’ve devoted a whole series to detailing the enormous amount of film locations that pop up around the five boroughs. What may come as a surprise to many New Yorkers is that behind the already historic Kaufman Astoria Studios in Queens is the city’s only studio backlot. And while studio backlot real estate continues to diminish in Hollywood, the already enormous Queens backlot is expected to expand over the next two years. Here’s an overview of Kaufman Astoria Studio’s new studio backlot and the future of film in NYC. (more…)

Die Hard-With A Vengeance-Film Locations-NYC Untapped Cities.mkv - VLC media player 7152014 35329 PM

Before the world ever heard of Special Agent Jack Bauer, NYPD Lieutenant John McClane was the one causing countless dollars in property damage and killing terrorists. To our count, there are now two trilogies worth of Die Hard movies and if you ask us, there should have been only one Die Hard movie. However, we are in the middle of summer movie season, and the third entry in the franchise Die Hard with A Vengeance is set in McClane’s home, NYC. So shut your brain off for a little bit (we sure did watching it) and enjoy this list of NYC Film Locations for Die Hard with A Vengeance. (more…)

Seinfled-Jerry-George-Elaine-Kramer-NYC-Film Locations-Untapped Cities-NYCThe Seinfeld Cast: Kramer, Elaine, George & Jerry (Photo via Facebook)

On July 5th, 1989 NBC debuted a new pilot called The Seinfeld Chronicles. It starred NYC comedian Jerry Seinfeld and focused on his stand up and those everyday conversations and situations that make up modern life. 25 years later, the show that became known across the world as Seinfeld did more than net NBC an incredible amount of money, it helped change television forever. Known as “The Show About Nothing,”Seinfeld was anything but: it was about love, friendship, family, work, all the things that most New Yorker’s could live without most of the time.

While the interiors were shot mostly in California, Seinfeld is still the quintessential NYC show and used stock footage of NYC for exterior locations. The topics of conversations and the situations these four self-absorbed, needy and iconic characters go through are timeless. In celebration of the show’s 25th anniversary, we present ten of our favorite locations and moments of Seinfeld. (more…)

Do The Right Thing-Spike Lee-Untapped Cities-Styvesant-Brooklyn-NYC Film Locations.avi - VLC media player 6252014 121921 PM

This past Monday, June 30, marked 25 years since the heavily controversial release of Spike Lee’s third feature Do The Right Thing. Prior to its premiere, film critic David Denby and political reporter Joel Klein wrote editorials expressing fear that screenings of the film would cause violent outbursts. None happened of course, but 25 years later, Lee’s film still makes an impact emotionally. Revisiting the film, it is shocking to see how ahead of its time it is, predicting the debates that have taken over much of the daily conversation in NYC.

Known more today for his outbursts against gentrification in Brooklyn and as the New York Knicks’ number one supporter than a filmmaker, Lee is actually one of the most outspoken and prolific filmmakers in American cinema. Fearless about his beliefs in public and in his work, his early filmography focused heavy on racial and gender issues in academics and in the community. Raised in Fort Greene and obtaining a film degree from NYU, Lee’s pride of his home city is obvious to anyone who has heard him speak in the past few months.

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of Spike Lee’s vision, Stuyvesant Avenue, the Brooklyn street on which the film is set and shot, was renamed “Do the Right Thing Way” and hosted a block party last Saturday. We took a trip down Do the Right Thing Way, revisiting locations in Lee’s powerful and controversial film.  (more…)

Saturday Night Fever-Film Locations-NYC-Untapped Cities-Bay Ridge-Brookyln-John Travolta.mp4 - VLC media player 6182014 114745 AMAll film stills courtesy of Paramount Pictures.

Remember when John Travolta was cool? Yes, there was a time where John Travolta was “cooler than a polar bear’s toe nails” and as popular with the ladies as any of the leading men robbing women’s hearts today. In 1977, Travolta took over pop culture with his most iconic performance in Saturday Night Fever as Tony Mareno, a 19-year-old Italian kid from Brooklyn. From Sunday to Friday, he was a nobody, working a dead end job with seemingly no ambition, but on Saturday nights, he was a king who reigned over a disco dance floor (we assure you back in ’77 this was cool). We present an ode to disco, the Bee Gees and strutting–here are NYC locations used for Saturday Night Fever. (more…)

The Fisher King-Terry Gilliam-NYC-Film Locations-Untapped Cities-Terry Gilliam-Jeff Bridges.mkv - VLC media player 6122014 22340 PM

Terry Gilliam is known in cinematic circles as the writer/director of fantasy films such as Brazil, Time Bandits, Monthy Python and The Holy Grail and 12 Monkeys. After his 1988 film The Adventures of of Baron Munchausenwhich was plagued with budgetary issues and arguments with the studio execs- Gilliam wanted to move away from fantasy and make a much more realistic film.

His 1991 film The Fisher King, starring Jeff Bridges as a NYC shock jock and Robin Williams as a homeless man in search of the Holy Grail, may not be one of Gilliam’s best work, but it is the one film where shoots on location in NYC. Here are ten locations featured in Terry Gilliam’s The Fisher King(more…)