Game of Thrones-Union Square-Guerrilla Marketing-NYCPhoto via Twitter by Brian Rohrmann

As part of a guerrilla marketing campaign for the release of the fifth season of Game of Thrones on DVD, Khaleesi’s dragons have crash landed onto Union Square and are oozing some steam. Lampposts, chairs, benches and tables have been knocked down, and there will be some events later today. The event is also great timing leading up to the much anticipated sixth season of Game of Thrones, premiering on HBO on April 8th.


With New York’s newspaper industry ever changing, over the years many papers have started, merged, and closed.  And while Gotham’s newspaper graveyard is full of fallen titles, there are still many ghosts of the City’s newspaper past which exist today.

Some of these vestiges of past papers are conspicuous, others are hiding in plain sight, and a few can be found only if one knows where to look.

While New York’s most famous example of newspaper place-making is Times Square, many of the lost newspapers have also left their mark long after the final edition rolled off the presses.


Herald-Building-Herald Square-Vintage Photograph-34th Street-NYCHerald Square has changed a lot over the years. Image via NYPL Digital Collections

We already covered the secrets of New York City intersections like Times Square and Union Square, both of which are filled with interesting structures and history. Herald Square, formed by the merging of Broadway, Sixth Avenue and 34th street, has some fascinating secrets of its own. From abandoned sky bridges to elaborate statues, here are our top ten secrets of Herald Square.


Herald Square “In 1900.” The Romance of the Store (1922)

As New York was reinventing itself from a Victorian city of rowhouses and horse-drawn carriages to a metropolis of skyscrapers, automobiles, and subways in the early years of the twentieth century, artist Vernon Howe Bailey (1874-1953) documented the city’s transition in his detailed drawings.

Bailey was one of the most popular American illustrators of the early 1900s, widely published in newspapers, magazines, and books. He even had his own series of short films, “Vernon Howe Bailey’s Sketch Book,” during the silent movie era shown in theaters across the country.


3-Top 10 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Mishaps_Kermit the Frog_1991_tear_balloon_Untapped Cities_NYC_Stephanie GeierA deflated Kermit the Frog at the 1991 Thanksgiving Day Parade. Image via deseretnews.com

With less than a week before Thanksgiving, many are eagerly anticipating what kinds of diverse floats and balloons the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade will feature. While these larger-than-life balloons of our favorite characters have been a Thanksgiving tradition for 89 years, there have been quite a few shocking, incidents that occurred at past parades. While we’re not expecting anything to happen this week, it was a fun project to research vintage photographs and learn about various safety measures that resulted from the accidents.

From plane crashes to deflations, read about these crazy mishaps (and hope that none happen this year).


32nd Street Walkway-34th Street Partnership-Extended Sidewalk-Colorful-Penn Station Madison Square Garden-Greeley Square-Herald Square-NYC-002

Anyone who has walked from Penn Station to Herald Square along 32nd Street will notice a few incongruous things: homeless people, a Jack’s 99¢ store, the side entrance of Manhattan Mall, and possibly the Church of St. Francis of Assisi. But now, thanks to the In-House Design Department of the 34th Street Partnership, led by Ignacio Ciocchini, Vice President of Design for the 34th Street Partnership and managed by Columbia University GSAPP Urban Design graduate Alexandra Gonzalez, pedestrians will have a colorful, extended sidewalk.