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To say the least, the Chelsea Hotel is not your average New York City hotel. One notable guest, sci-fi author Arthur C. Miller recalled in his memoir that you could get high from solely the marijuana fumes lingering in the elevator of the hotel. For over 100 years, this counter-cultural landmark has served some of the world’s greatest poets, musicians, and artists of all time. Although sold for $80 million in 2011, the hotel remains home to several eccentric New Yorkers, including nightlife darling and event promoter Susanne Bartsch. The hotel is currently undergoing a massive renovation, but it is anticipated that it will reopen its doors to hotel guests in 2017.

Without further ado, here are our favorite secrets of the infamous Chelsea Hotel:


We’ve been actively following the developments at the TWA Flight Center at JFK Airport ever since the National Trust asked us to highlight the Eero Saarinen designed building in early 2012 in hopes of spurring the adaptive reuse of the landmarked terminal. The terminal has been in the news a lot this month, with news in the New York Post that Andre Balazs of the Standard was transforming it into a hotel called The Standard, Flight Center.


Barbizon Hotel NYC Untapped Cities

During a seething summer evening in 1953, Lexington Avenue on the corner of 63rd Street received a sprinkling of clothing–an entire wardrobe really–thrown from the rooftop of the Barbizon Hotel. The intoxicated young woman, demonstrating her unhappiness during her last night in the city, was Sylvia Plath. Her summer stay at the Barbizon Hotel would later figure prominently in her famous novel,The Bell Jar(more…)

Our Untapped Tribute to Curbed Hotels Week

Whether built by American royalty (namely the Astors and the Hearsts) or by immigrants pursuing the American Dream like Charles Pierre, their shared dedication to excellence in hospitality serve as the foundation to NYC’s premier hotels. Besides impeccable hospitality taken as a given at all of these establishments, each of these hotel are renowned for its originality. Visit these hotels for murals, the birthplace of world famous cocktails and the storied haunts of aristocrats, presidents, industrialists and Hollywood stars.



In addition to being the setting for numerous films and novels, New York City maintains a special connection with children’s literature. Scores of authors set their stories here, which makes New York City a fairytale world for many children. New York City also possesses a marvelous array of sites associated with well-known works of children’s literature. So for your children or your inner child, here is our guide to sites where children’s stories come alive in New York City.


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One block south of the busy Sixteenth Street Mall in downtown Denver, rehearsals are underway. From a small work van, a single occupant is raised to the sky in an inflatable hotel room with hydraulic buoyancy, allowing for an unimpeded view of the city from an all-white, luxurious bubble complete with shower, air conditioning, a sofa that turns itself into an airbed, and well-stocked magazine rack. The same view, that is, one might have if a “real” hotel went up on this parking lot.  (more…)