Hemingway between two wars exhibition New Yorker article composed image. Photography Graham Haber 2015, includes Morgan and JFK Library materialsHemingway’s ID & first drafts © The Morgan Library & Museum. JFK Presidential Library and Museum. Pic: Graham S. Haber

The creators of a new Ernest Hemingway exhibition claim that they want to humanize the larger-than-life author. Ernest Hemingway: Between Two Wars at the Morgan Library & Museum is the first ever large-scale exhibition devoted to one of the most celebrated writers of the twentieth century.


New York City is home to numerous world-famous museums but if you need a break from classics like the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the MOMA, do check out some of the City’s smaller, off the beaten path museums. In the previous installment of this series, we rounded up unique house museums in the Bronx. Today, we look at some gems in Manhattan.

1. Morris-Jumel Mansion



164 years ago today, Edgar Allan Poe mysteriously died. Despite having departed over a century and a half ago, Poe has not been forgotten. New York City goes above other cities in memorializing this great American author. Below are 9 sites in NYC where you can remember Poe:


Looking up inside Mr. Morgan's West Room Study.

Looking up inside Mr. Morgan’s West Room Study.

This week’s #untappedcities Instagram “Pic” of the Week goes to @newyorkcityhistory for this detailed shot (reminiscent of a giant all-seeing eye) of the ceiling in the study of The Morgan Library and Museum located on Madison Avenue at 36th Street.


4-street view-attractions-new york-untapped cities-wesley yiinSource: Digital Trends

Google has gotten tons of coverage over the past 48 hours for its release of Street View images of the Eiffel Tower. Three such 360 degree panoramas were uploaded, taken from the Tower’s viewing platforms. The images are actually just one part of an online collection by the Google Cultural Institute, which has also amassed three separate exhibits about the construction and history of the Tower.

Many New York art museums are featured as part of Google’s Art Project, including the Met and the MoMA. Although you can definitely access the interior of the Morgan Library and Museum through Street View, the museum is strangely left off of the Google Art Project website.


JP Morgan brownstone Untapped Cities

Ever wonder what it’s like to spend a day in someone else’s shoes?  In this new series, we’re creating our own historic tours and taking you on a day in the life of different historical figures. First up: notorious banking tycoon John Pierpont Morgan.

This “day in the life” can be undertaken in any particular manner. However, it might be most useful to start at the home and library of Pierpont Morgan. This brownstone is one of the oldest on the island of Manhattan and was a gift from Pierpont to his son and heir J.P. Morgan Jr. or Jack for short. Once given to Jack, the two financiers shared a courtyard, as Morgan owned an almost identical brownstone at the south corner of Madison Avenue and 36th Street.  (more…)