velvet underground-nico-nyc-warhol-mapImage via Flickr: thatspep

At a time when the majority of people around the world were “California Dreaming“, the Velvet Underground were un-apologetically representative of the much grittier New York City experience. And as the Velvet Underground’s critical stature grew to astronomical heights after their initial 1960s heyday (thanks in no small part to the involvement of NYC art icon Andy Warhol), they have become one of the city’s  most recognizable cultural benchmarks. Flavorwire were keen enough to put together a Velvet Underground map of New York City to illustrate just how intrinsically connected they were to the streets of NYC. You can view it below:


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Here is your weekly curated events guide for the week.

Monday June 16th

Join the team from Streaker Sports at Mason Jar NYC in Murray Hill to cheer on team U.S.A. in their first game of the World Cup 2014 series against Ghana. Entry is free for all or purchase a table for parties of 4, 6, 8 or more to guarantee seating. Show up at 5:30 p.m. in your reds, whites and blues for what is bound to be an exciting game and a great continuation to this years World Cup competition. (more…)

Ken-David and Melinda Masur co-creative directors Chelsea Music Festival NYC Untapped CitiesKen-David and Melinda Lee Masur. Photo © Matt Harrington for the Chelsea Music Festival

Untapped Cities is a proud media partner of the Chelsea Music Festival, now in its fifth season. This year’s festival showcases German and Brazilian music, celebrating the anniversaries of C. P. E. Bach (300), Richard Strauss (150) and Heitor Villa-Lobos (55). Amid the preparations and concerts, we sat down with husband and wife team, Ken-David and Melinda Lee Masur, to discuss the music festival’s growth, the special venues hosting this year’s concerts, and what they love about Chelsea. 

Untapped Cities: Are there any concerts in this season that you’re especially excited about?

Melinda: The opening and closing night are always our marquee events. We have our visual artists display their artwork, we have the buzz of opening and closing night, and then we have our chefs do their curated receptions, which are really special. People often don’t realize what’s awaiting them after the concert. The chefs have put as much thought and creativity into planning their menus as the musicians have for their music. So those are our marquee events, and then every night we have some kind of reception.  (more…)

OHNY Hudson River Architectural Tour-NYC Starrett-Lehigh

One of our favorite things about the Chelsea Music Festival every year is the great variety of venues where the concerts take place. This year’s festival opened on Friday with an evening called “Air on a New York Skyline”—an appropriate name, as the concert took place at Canoe Studios on the 14th floor of Chelsea’s historic Starrett-Lehigh Building, one of the most important architectural sites on the Hudson River(more…)

Chelsea Music Festival General Theological Seminary 2013 NYC Untapped CitiesLast year’s concert at the General Theological Seminary. Photo courtesy of the Chelsea Music Festival.

Untapped Cities is a proud media partner of the Chelsea Music Festival, now in its fifth season. 

The Chelsea Music Festival returns for its fifth season on Friday, June 6th with the opening night gala ushering in nine days of concerts in some of Chelsea’s most unique venues. This year, the festival celebrates German and Brazilian music in honor of some major anniversaries: C. P. E. Bach (300), Richard Strauss (150), and Heitor Villa-Lobos (55). The festival’s motto is “Hear, Taste, See,” and with three culinary artists in residence, three visual artists, and many musicians, the events are sure to engage all the senses.


Cathy Grier NYC Subway Girl Image by Nousha Salimi Untapped Cities Buskers NYCCathy Grier, otherwise known as NYC Subway Girl (photo via  NYC Subway Girl, by Nousha Salimi)

From the tin drum man of 34th street to that classic mariachi band,  New York City subways are characterized by their eccentric musicians, also known as “Buskers.” Part of the nature of these acts is their effervescence — there are no selfies with the band in subway stations. Cathy Grier, otherwise known as NYC Subway Girl, seeks to give these talented musicians some more credit as she documents them in video(more…)