Untapped Cities_New York_Brian Rose_Meatpacking District_05

Washington Street 1985 © Brian Rose

The swank boutiques, high-end galleries, and ritzy accommodations of today’s Meatpacking District are a far cry from the seedy desolation that dominated the area in the 1980s. Lucky for us, photographer Brian Rose set out to document the neighborhood in 1985, when the stench of meat and blood still permeated the streets.


EvanBindelglass_UntappedCities_BlacksmithCentralPark06Blacksmith Larry Hagberg and his forge

There is a man working for the NYC Parks Department in Central Park whose profession many think has gone the way of the telegram. His name is Larry Hagberg. He’s a 61-year-old native of Queens and he has been a blacksmith since 1976.

Hagberg was kind enough to recently welcome us to his shop, which is part of the Parks Department’s larger 86th Street Shops.  (more…)

Galdino Molinero_Tortas Neza_Corona New York_Untapped Cities_Matthew Dorian Corbin

Meet Galdino Molinero, master of tortas. His truck is Tortas Neza. Be intimidated by his torta of infamy, the Pumas.

Truck Ext_Tortas Neza_Corona New York_Untapped Cities_Matthew Dorian Corbin

Just outside the 111th street station in Corona, under the shade of the tracks above, Tortas Neza has been around for twelve years. Mr. Molinero has always had a loyal following which grew with long deserved recognition as a 2012 Vendy Awards finalist. He’s a charming, laid back guy who exudes that feeling of someone actually enjoying what they do and where they are. (more…)