There is a long lineage of Chinese restaurants in New York City, from upscale stalwarts in Midtown to authentic Szechuan fare in Flushing. You can find pork buns, dim sum, soup dumplings, the list goes on and on. With so many options, we bring you our top picks of Chinese eateries in the city, just in time for the Chinese New Year. And if that’s not enough, be sure to check out our Sunday in Chinatown column by Luke Kingma.

1. Prosperity Dumpling, 46 Eldridge Street

From our previous adventure to find the best dumplings in NYC, we put Prosperity pretty high up on the list. This is one of the smallest dollar dumpling destinations on the list but definitely one of the best. They serve dumplings in two styles – fried and boiled. Prosperity Dumpling is the quintessential hole in the wall joint, steaming and frying up delicious dumplings just in time for the Chinese new year. They have a wonderful variety of fillings you can try and great crispy sesame pancakes as an add-on.