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S4, Painted plate aluminum

Through the NYC Parks and The Fund for Park Avenue, Marlborough Gallery has brought us seven Santiago Calatrava sculptures that will grace the Park Avenue mall from June 8th through mid-November beginning at East 52nd Street. The seven sculptures are of painted aluminum construction and range in size, with the tallest piece standing eighteen feet. The traffic median has most recently hosted works like Ewerdt Hilgemann’s implosion sculptures and Alice Aycock’s Park Avenue Paper Chase.

Broadway Street Sign-NYCImage via Wikimedia by Damzow

Several street names are repeated throughout NYC–sometimes more than twice. Why is this? New York has amassed its size through the annexation of smaller towns, the streets of which were laid out and named in similar ways to those on Manhattan. In some cases, the names were intentionally repeated for clarity’s sake, even if that doesn’t quite make sense today. We decided to round up all these confusing repetitions in the hopes that taking Rockaway Parkway to Rockaway Boulevard to Rockaway Point Boulevard on the way to Rockaway Freeway will be less confusing when all you wanted was a nice day at the beach. (more…)

Rachel Alban_Untapped Cities_Summer Streets_Park Avenue Tunnel_2014-001

In August, nearly seven miles of streets in the world’s busiest metropolis will be open to the public on Saturdays in New York City. The annual Summer Streets celebration, hosted by the NYC Department of Transportation started this past weekend on Park Avenue. We decided to check out the newest exhibitions and attractions Summer Streets had to offer, including the newest Park Avenue Tunnel interactive art installation by artist Jana Winderen called Dive. (more…)

Ewerdt Hilgemann-Moments in a Stream-Park Avenue Mall-Implosion Sculptures-Stainless Steel-NYC.-14

The temporary sculptures along the Park Avenue Mall are one of our favorite public art initiatives in New York City. The curated pieces, done by one featured artist at a time, always seem to be in a dialogue with the city around them. In the lower part of Park Avenue, north of Grand Central Terminal, the works form a distinct contrast with the corporate business culture that pervades the architecture. Further north, they serve to spice up the storied legacy of Park Avenue apartments.

On Saturday August 1st, Ewerdt Hilgemann, Moments in a Stream will be complete, stretching from 52nd to 67th Street. We’ve been hanging out with Hilgemann and his team while they install the sculptures between 10pm and 6am, as required by city regulation.


Studio Santiago Calatrava-Park Avenue Queen Anne Townhouse-Apartment-NYC

In a lead up to next week’s Municipal Art Society’s After Dark Party for young NYC urbanists, to be held in a Park Avenue Gilded Age venue, the organization held a private event with the author of What Jackie Taught Us: Lessons from the Remarkable Life of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis at the home and studio of architect Santiago Calatrava. For those just getting to know the name, Calatrava is the architect of the World Trade Center Transportation Hub, bringing his signature style to the urban forest of downtown Manhattan.


Park Avenue Paper Chase-Sculpture-Park Avenue Mall-Alice Aycock-NYC-005

Yesterday, workers were putting the finishing touches on the new series of sculptures by artist Alice Aycock on the Park Avenue Mall between 52nd Street and 57th Street. Entitled Park Avenue Paper Chase, the monumental pieces really play on the whimsicality of paper objects and the materiality of aluminum and fiberglass.