07/30/14 12:00pm

Ewerdt Hilgemann-Moments in a Stream-Park Avenue Mall-Implosion Sculptures-Stainless Steel-NYC.-14

The temporary sculptures along the Park Avenue Mall are one of our favorite public art initiatives in New York City. The curated pieces, done by one featured artist at a time, always seem to be in a dialogue with the city around them. In the lower part of Park Avenue, north of Grand Central Terminal, the works form a distinct contrast with the corporate business culture that pervades the architecture. Further north, they serve to spice up the storied legacy of Park Avenue apartments.

On Saturday August 1st, Ewerdt Hilgemann, Moments in a Stream will be complete, stretching from 52nd to 67th Street. We’ve been hanging out with Hilgemann and his team while they install the sculptures between 10pm and 6am, as required by city regulation.


06/04/14 1:00pm

Studio Santiago Calatrava-Park Avenue Queen Anne Townhouse-Apartment-NYC

In a lead up to next week’s Municipal Art Society’s After Dark Party for young NYC urbanists, to be held in a Park Avenue Gilded Age venue, the organization held a private event with the author of What Jackie Taught Us: Lessons from the Remarkable Life of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis at the home and studio of architect Santiago Calatrava. For those just getting to know the name, Calatrava is the architect of the World Trade Center Transportation Hub, bringing his signature style to the urban forest of downtown Manhattan.


03/11/14 9:30am

Park Avenue Paper Chase-Sculpture-Park Avenue Mall-Alice Aycock-NYC-005

Yesterday, workers were putting the finishing touches on the new series of sculptures by artist Alice Aycock on the Park Avenue Mall between 52nd Street and 57th Street. Entitled Park Avenue Paper Chase, the monumental pieces really play on the whimsicality of paper objects and the materiality of aluminum and fiberglass.


11/22/13 10:00am

Kennedy_Campaign_Speech_New-York-City_Untapped CitiesSen. Kennedy addresses a crowd in New York, 1960. Image via achievement.org.

Fifty years ago today, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated. Most people travel to Massachusetts or Texas to remember President Kennedy. Despite not having a direct link to the President, New York City possesses a number of sites associated with and memorials to JFK and we explore some of them below.


11/05/13 9:00am

manhattan-election day-kennedy-JFK-park avenue-JPMorgan Chase-Midtown_wm

Did you know that a McKim, Mead, and White apartment building that was once located at  277 Park Avenue housed John Fitzgerald Kennedy in 1957? John and Bobby Kennedy used two floors as 1960 Presidential Campaign offices, part of a large Park Avenue Election Headquarters. Joseph Kennedy, the family patriarch and unofficial financier of the campaign, held a suite at the nearby Waldorf Astoria while other soon-to-be cabinet members were in and out of suites at the Biltmore Hotel just to the south.


07/30/13 12:00pm

Hoffman Auto Showroom-Frank Lloyd Wright-Park Avenue-New York-Untapped CitiesPhoto by Ezra Stroller (1955) via Metropolis Mag

In April of 2013, Frank Lloyd Wright’s auto showroom on 430 Park Avenue quietly disappeared and will soon be replaced by a TD Bank. The Hoffman Auto Showroom was home to the latest and greatest imported cars for nearly sixty years, but even more importantly, was one of the three remaining Wright design commissions in New York City (the other two being the Guggenheim Museum and Cass House on Staten Island).