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The world’s first and only pawn shop devoted entirely to sneakers is now in Harlem. And this is not for those grimy gym sneakers you have in your closet. Sneaker Pawn USA, located at 200 Lenox Avenue at 120th Street is run by a father and (teenage) son team from their Harlem apartment selling rare kicks that can sell for up to $15,000.


The Family Jewels on West 23rd Street

The Family Jewels on West 23rd Street

We’ve been clad in wool for too many months!  It’s time to think Spring and we thought we’d share some of our favorite Thrift and Vintage Shops, their addresses and websites too.

Beginning in the Village and Chelsea, we started at…..

Shareen Vintage located at 130 West 17th Street.  Dresses, dresses & more dresses and a beautiful selection of vintage wedding gowns.  This is not a street level shop.  It’s located on the 2nd floor of a walk-up building and worth the trek.  (more…)

The Bronx has struggled to exude as much appeal as some of its sister boroughs have in recent years (looking at you, Brooklyn). Still, the change and renewal that The Bronx has seen today—from record low crime rates, to its boost in employment opportunities and housing—has warranted plenty of adoration from the media and the city alike. These advances may be evidence of the “New Bronx” that Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. so often touts. From better transit to shopping malls and parkland remodeling, here are 5 projects, both underway and under consideration, that will change the Bronx for the better.

1. The Kingsbridge National Ice Center

kingsbridge national ice center-knic-bronx-new york city-untapped cities-brennan ortizRendering of the Kingsbridge National Ice Center via New York Daily News.

Originally built to house the National Guard’s Eight Coastal Artillery Regiment in the 1910s, the Kingsbridge Armory also became the stage for exhibits, film sets, boxing matches and was even the temporary meeting place of the United Nations after World War II.  Following its military use, the armory sat unused since 1996.

Today, after evading previous plans to become a shopping center, the colossal structure will instead be converted into the largest indoor ice facility in the world. The Kingsbridge National Ice Center or KNIC, will feature nine ice rinks, a 5,000-seat arena, dedicated space for community activities, and a free after-school program with tutoring and skating lessons.  (more…)

Last week, we served up a cozy collection of NYC tea rooms and boutiques. However, since these ten stores barely scratch the surface of New York’s tea scene, we’re offering up more selections based on user-submitted recommendations! Here are six additional tea rooms you don’t want to miss.

1. Alice’s Teacup  

Alices-Tea-Cup-NYCImage via Flickr user Transparent Reality

Conveniently located in three different neighborhoods across Manhattan, Alice’s Teacup is a tasty brunch destination and a favorite among kids. This Alice in Wonderland-themed café is renowned not only for its tea, but also for its variety of scones. Alice’s features an all-day menu, gift boxes, and custom cakes. The tea menu is helpful and descriptive, with details about flavor and origin. Alice’s can get quickly swamped with families, so definitely make a reservation if you plan on stopping by. Submitted by @audreyhawkins(more…)

It’s easy to find awesome coffee shops in Manhattan and in Brooklyn. Tea shops, however, are a bit more obscure and difficult to stumble upon. We’ve rounded up some great tea rooms in New York that are ideal for either lounging, tasting, purchasing loose-leaf, or simply taking an afternoon teatime break. Not only are the teas stellar in these 10 shops, but they’re worth a trip for their atmosphere!

1. Press Tea


The West Village is filled with notable tea shops, most of them within a four-block radius of each other. At the heart of them all is Press Tea: your classic New York coffee-shop but with a tea emphasis. Unlike other tea rooms and storefronts, this is a great café for getting work done. Press Tea is sun-soaked and warm, thanks to the large windows, and there is ample seating, plus an inviting couch. If you’re not already intrigued, the intricate teapot display in the windows is sure to draw you inside.  (more…)

We recently brought you a list of 5 record stores in NYC where you can still get vinyl. Though these businesses are alive and flourishing, many other record stores have met a different fate. Vinyl vendors of all sizes struggle to survive; even Virgin Records, the Megastore backed by Sir Richard Branson’s massive business conglomerate,  could not hold out in Times Square. Here are five of those lost records stores that will be sorely missed.

1. Bleecker Bob’s

Bleecker-Bobs-5 lost record stores-vinyl-Bleecker st-NYCThis iconic record store appeared in an episode of Seinfeld. Image source: Spin

Bleeker Bob’s Golden Oldies, open in 1968 as Village Oldies Records, closed in April of 2013 and was replaced by a frozen yogurt shop. The landlord was reportedly asking for profits of $15,000 a month, which the store could not swing. In its heyday, the store had a great selection of punk records and merchandise that attracted customers like Robert Plant and David Bowie. Another draw for vinyl lovers was Bleecker Bob (also known as Robert Plotnik), who suffered a brain aneurysm in 2001 that left him paralyzed. His friends and loved ones were left in charge of of the record store up until its closing last year.  (more…)