XXX Times Square With Love

This summer, artists have been hard at work addressing social issues through art in New York City’s parks, on walls, and even on lamp posts. September brings a host of new works: The Studio Museum extends outside of its walls in Harlem to bring site-specific art installations to four parks from 113th Street to 145th Street. We hunted down glass pigeons on lamp posts throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan, works which harken to those of Mosaic Man, who also recently brought back his work to the East Village, and checked out mural works throughout the city.

Here are 12 outdoor art installations not to miss in September:


Times Square With Love

Just open this morning at 11 am is the new installation “XXX Times Square with Love,” from Times Square Arts and J. Mayer H. Now, instead of hurrying through Times Square to avoid the tourists, you can literally lie down in the public space – that is, if you can get a spot. The X-shaped loungers, which can accommodate up to four people lying down, were inspired by the shape of the intersection at Broadway and 7th Avenue. Not mentioned in the press release, but an obvious reference, is the XXX past of Times Square, notoriously cleaned up in the late ’90s and early 2000s.


Times Square 42nd Street Vintage NYC Street Sign-Illuminated.PNG

An Untapped Cities reader recently contacted us about a vintage Times Square sign he had in his collection, passed down from his grandfather who acquired it. He wrote that the sign was in Times Square from 1904 to 1915, according to the New York Historical Society, but was looking for more information on it because he was looking to sell it. The sign has four sides, with cut-out letters that read alternatively with “42ND STREET” and “TIMES SQUARE.” The glass squares would have been illuminated from the interior of the sign similar to the Victorian-era street signs you can see in the photos from our previous article, “The History of NYC’s Street Signs.”


1-Mika Tajima Meridian Gold Untapped Cities copyA new art installation in Long Island City. Image via SculptureCenter

July is arriving with a splash, literally, in the form of an 8,000-square-foot mural on a pool and mists of water vapor giving off golden fluctuations every two seconds. When visiting New York City’s best art installations this July, viewers may also go bird-watching at the Winter Garden and enjoy colorful new Essex Street Market murals. Our parks unfold a whole host of installations this month, including a two-headed goddess enlightening us with The Language of Things at City Hall Park and showing us how Art in Public Spaces should enhance our lives.

We will go back in time to view the early works of a famous New York City street photographer and honor what was once the Greenwich Village studio of an iconic artist. Finally, we will have a new and engaging Midnight Moment through the end of the month. Here are 11 installations and exhibits you might enjoy during the month of July.


IMG_2280 brooklyn historical society shakespeare

William Shakespeare is not only one of the most widely read English authors, but also one of the most easily recognizable, with his beard, mustache, and oblong shaped head. As a result, he has been commemorated and memorialized throughout New York City. Below, we explore some of those many places where you can find references to the Bard of Stratford-Upon-Avon.


jungle-ized-times square-nyc-untapped citiesNegative function part of the experience. Image via Times Square Arts

Celebrate Earth Month in Times Square by participating in an interactive sonic visual art installation, called JUNGLE-IZED, a presentation by the Soundwalk Collective and David de Rothschild. As part of Midnight Moment, a monthly presentation by the Times Square Advertising Coalition (TSAC) and Times Square Arts, each night from 11:57pm to midnight, the electronic billboards will show JUNGLE-IZED the video directed by Stephan Crasneanscki, revealing the hidden energy that exists in one the most biodiverse environments in the world, brining the animals, the air, the trees and the inhabitants of the Amazon to New York City.  (more…)