Eldorado Apartments-Central Park West-Emery Roth-NYC-004Eldorado Apartment, Central Park West. Photo by Untapped contributor Luke Kingma on Instagram

There was a time, not too long ago, when the ubiquity of the smartphone and Instagram wasn’t part of our daily lives. The urge to document every moment and broadcast it to the world allowed urban explorers to truly take in the spectacle of a moment, lock it in memory, and move on. No need for likes, hashtagging, and retweets.

That moment came for me one summer evening when a group of us were invited to a birthday party of someone who lived in the top two floors of the iconic Eldorado apartment on Central Park West, next to the Jackie Kennedy Onassis Reservoir.  It was probably 2008, we were young, and pretty reckless. We were all in an indie rock band in Brooklyn at the time. Cliche, yes, but with plenty of opportunities to get in trouble.


A tuberculosis pavilion crowns the treetops of North Brother Island like an Aztec ruin.

A tuberculosis pavilion crowns the treetops of North Brother Island like an Aztec ruin.

Most New Yorkers have never heard of North Brother Island, but they should take comfort in the fact that new trees are growing and manmade things are going by the wayside just a stone’s throw from Rikers Island and a few miles from LaGuardia Airport. New York City’s abandoned island proves that as much as we think we have a handle on things, nature is never far behind. Just give it time.


This week's "pic" of the week goes to this shot by @relaxocat for this interesting shot. This week’s “pic” of the week goes to this shot by @relaxocat for this thought provoking shot.

This is a shot that was submitted to #untappedcities by an Instagramer named @relaxocat. The shot has no added filter and was taken at the National Museum of Health and Medicine in Chicago. A very big genre of photography on Instagram is #reflection or #reflectionshots and @relaxocat certainly did a wonderful job in shooting a reflection in the Windy City.  (more…)

"Fuerza Bruta" by @amusepro

“Fuerzabruta” by @amusepro

This week’s #untappedcities Instagram “pic” of the week goes to @amusepro for this dazzling shot. “Fuerzabruta” is a type of circus, widely compared to Cirque de Soleil, and is currently taking the United States and Europe by storm. The 70 minute show is full of loud and drum filled music while the performers pull off acrobatic and death-defying stunts.

What is special about this week’s “pic” of the week is that Untapped Cities has yet to cover “Fuerzabruta”. This is exactly what we aim to accomplish with our live feed and photo pool. Last week we saw how Untapped inspired a reader to go out to Brooklyn to check out Tom Fruin’s Watertower. This week however, @amusepro is inspiring us here at Untapped to go out and cover this event which, to many, is still Untapped.

Congrats to this week’s winner and don’t forget to check out @amusepro’s excellent gallery!

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Credit: créatives communs

Credit: créatives communs

A new exhibition exploring the urban facets of Paris by Night just opened at the Pavillon de l’Arsenal and will host events leading up to La Nuit Blanche in October. Paris la Nuit is the culmination of two years of research by philosopher and urbanist Marc Armenagaud. The exhibit exposes the many forms of nocturnal life in the City of Light, from aristocratic evenings to raves, from maintenance agents of the métro to the people who light the street lamps, from drugstores to cinemas and beyond.  (more…)


This shot of Tom Fruin’s water tower was submitted to us by @betsybatman.

This week’s #untappedcities Instagram “Pic” of the Week goes to this colorful shot of Tom Fruin’s Watertower, taken by @betsybatman, on display in Brooklyn Bridge Park untiL June. A big congratulations to @betsybatman! and thanks for tagging your picture #untappedcities. This capture is brilliant in so many ways. It is not every day that anything, let alone a water tower dwarfs the famed Manhattan Bridge, or East River, but this shot takes on the ask head on. Aside from this, it is hard to believe that the colors produced by Fruin’s Watertower could be rivaled, however @betsybatman does the unthinkable by framing the Watertower with the sunset over the East River. Amazingly, this contrast between the setting sun and the kaleidoscope of a water tower compliment each element in this beautiful photo. (more…)