Fun Maps: NYC as Tron

03/23/2015 at 1:00 pm

NYC as Tron Map-Github-Tangrams-2

Thanks to a tweet from the Muncipal Art Society, we can’t stop staring at this map of New York City as Tron. Those familiar with the science fiction film Tron by Steven Lisberger will remember Jeff Bridges inside the mainframe of a computer. This article shows screenshots of the interactive map found on Github by New York City based lab Mazen using its Tangram engine, but click through to spend a few minutes starting and zooming around a computerized New York City.


New York Public Library Stacks Cross Section Illustration-Bryant Park-Steven A Schwarzman Building-

In three days, the New York Public Library is holding a public meeting to discuss the renovation of the main branch at Bryant Park at 42nd Street and the Mid-Manhattan Library. Last year, following extensive public protest, the contentious plan to move the stacks off-site was shelved (no pun intended). Still, the organization The Committee to Save NYPL believes there are still some unanswered questions about the renovations, which they detail here.

Untapped Cities reader @TOPOS_lab has shared with us a cross-section illustration of what the stacks look like underneath Bryant Park. Next time as you sit taking in a summer film at Bryant Park or having lunch on the lawn, remember that 1.5 million books are beneath your feet (in addition to the remnants of bodies from an old burial ground).


NYC Subway Map Public Competition-1964-R Raleigh D'Adamo-Gary Lloyd-Reka Komoli-2Submission to the 1964 NYC subway map competition by Raleigh D’Adamo, original design, reconstructed by Reka Komoli

Ever wonder why the 1/2/3 lines are red, or the N/Q/R yellow? Curbed NY has an article that explains it all. We first have to begin in the era when the NYC subway system was really three different systems–the IRT, the BMT and and the IND. Sometimes you can still see the tiles in the underground that reference the old terminology. It seems like New Yorkers like to hang on to old things, as these colors stayed even a couple decades after the unification of the systems in 1940.

On the subway map even in the 1960s, with 34 at the time, it wasn’t the clearest maps. And so in 1964, there was a public competition for the redesign.


71 Square Miles-Mapping Brooklyn-Brooklyn BRIC Arts Center-Jennifer Maravillas-Fun Maps-NYC71 Square Miles, a map made of trash at BRIC Arts Center. Photo by Jason Wych

Last December, Untapped Cities visited Jennifer Maravillas in the process of creating 71 Square Miles, a 10 x 10 foot map of Brooklyn made of trash that she picked up while walking every single block of the massive borough.

Now, after three years of work, she has finished the map, and it is on display at BRIC Arts Center as part of the Mapping Brooklyn Exhibit. The show opened February 25th and closes May 3rd.


NYC Most Popular Favorite Dog Breeds-Map-French Bulldog-Labrador Retriever-Golden Retriever-German Sheperd-American Kennel Club-AKC

Somehow we missed this one. Thrillist had a Fun Map of most popular dog breeds by neighborhood recently, based on rankings from the American Kennel Club. Biggest discovery: French Bulldogs, which seem everywhere, are particularly prevalent in New York City, but not in the rest of the country, where it didn’t even make the top 5. But here in NYC, the top 5 breeds are:


NYC-Animated History Subway Map-GIF

Well here you have it: a GIF subway map of New York City that shows the subway lines in order of construction, created by Appealing Industries via Paste Magazine. You’ll notice that the first lines to appear are in Brooklyn, rather than the IRT line on Manhattan. The lines in Brooklyn were part of the Brooklyn Rapid Transit Company (later the Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit Corporation or BMT), created in 1896. They operated along existing surface railways and streetcar lines.