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Margaret Wise Brown House-121 Charles Street-Move from York Avenue-Vintage Photo-14th Street-NYCThe Charles Street farmhouse turns west on 14th Street, in 1967

We previously featured this little farmhouse that could at 121 Charles Street in Greenwich Village, which was moved in 1967 from the Upper East Side to save it from demolition. Last month, news broke that it might be razed for condos–something that the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation warned was a “misguided” assumption. GVSHP executive director Andrew Berman writes,


Dog Poop-Map-NYC-Neighborhood

You’ve seen the signs, “Curb your dog,” but still it’s hard to imagine that New York City is still better than Paris in cleaning up after pups. Meanwhile, Some of us at Untapped Cities are still reeling from seeing the huge pile of poop we came across while trespassing in the Amtrak  Freedom Tunnel under Riverside Park…For all this and more, here’s a map from DNAInfo showing poop violations by neighborhood based on 311 calls in the last two years.

Particularly awesome is the response from Bronx Borough President, Ruben Diaz Jr:


We may be the only people in New York City who are pretty obsessed with rats, apart from writer Robert Sullivan who wrote an amazing book about the NYC rat. Thus, we were rather excited to see yet another map about rats (the last being which neighborhoods had more rats in their restaurants). This rat map by MIT’s  “You Are Here” project maps out 311 rat complaints. Not only is it a map, it’s a video visualization of rat complains. (more…)

tunnel vision-iphone app-nyc subway map-data visualization-mtaImage via Tunnel Vision

Tunnel Vision, a new app created by NYU student Bill Lindmeier, gives users the opportunity to access real-time visual statistics by simply capturing the image of a New York City subway map on an iPhone. The stunning animations that bring these statistics to life though are worth checking out on their own.


World Map of Little Free Libraries. Source: www.littlefreelibraries.org

World Map of Little Free Libraries Source: www.littlefreelibraries.org

For as far back as we can remember, there’s been the urge to share the books we’ve read in trade for a book we might like to read. This sharing of books has taken many forms for those who travel by land, leaving a book or two in their room, to those that travel by sea. But the Little Free Library is the kind of sharing of books that has captured our hearts and imaginations of late, and as you can see by the World Map of Little Free Libraries, we are not alone. You may recall our coverage of the Little Free Library when they first starting popping up in New York City in 2013, and our favorite alien shaped one in Nolita.


Fun Maps-Most Commonly Spoken Second Language-NYC-2 Using data from the American Community Survey, Business Insider mapped out the most common language spoken in each NYC neighborhood that isn’t English. And an even more fun map of the most common language when it isn’t English or Spanish. The boundaries are based on the Census’  “Public Use Microdata Areas,” which coincide closely, but not exactly to the city’s community board districts. (more…)