City of Women Map, via The New Yorker and Nonstop Metropolis: A New York City Atlas.

City of Women is one of the creative cartography pieces in the Queens Museum exhibit Nonstop Metropolis: The Remix curated by Rebecca Solnit with map maker Josh Jelly-Schapiro. Nonstop Metropolis: A New York City Atlas is also the title of the third publication in a series of books that utilize creative mapping to offer a new understanding of history and place. City of Women reimagines the New York City subway system if all the stations were named in honor of New York City’s notable women. 


NYC Transit Map Subway and Bus-4

It’s happened to all of us. That moment when you want to know what bus you can connect to, but it’s not on your subway map. In fact, you might have to download a whole separate app to get New York City’s bus map. Well, a Queens resident, Anthony Denaro, has created a master map that includes subways, bus, and AirTrain, called the Bullet Map (h/t Streetsblog).


Brand New Subway-Screenshot-NYC Subway Transit Game-Map-3

Frustrated with the New York City subway in general? Or afraid of L-magaddon, the 2019 shutdown of the L subway line from 8th Avenue to Bedford? You can escape into urban planning fantasy with the website, “Brand New Subway” and build your own system. If building an entire transit system seems daunting have no fear. You can start with the existing system today and go from there. You can fast forward to 2025 with its proposed changes. You can go back to 1972, with the map by Massimo Vignelli. There’s a 1936 map that can’t be selected yet, but we assume is coming. Or you can start completely from scratch.


Harlem Heat Project-Heat Sensors-NYCPhoto via Flickr/John Keefe/WNYC

New York City summers can be brutal, and for some, the extreme heat in certain neighborhoods poses health risks and even death. Harlem is a neighborhood that attracts a great amount of heat due to the high concentration of brick, concrete and asphalt, which trap heat during the day and keep temperatures high at night. The WNYC data team along with the AdaptNY news team and the ISeeChange weather journal have launched new initiative called the Harlem Heat Project, which will measure and record the heat and humidity levels inside un-airconditioned homes from July to September using 60 sensors built by WNYC. (more…)

Fun Maps-NeighborhoodX-Renaming Neighborhoods-NYCPhoto via NeighborhoodX

If you ask an average New Yorker, they probably won’t know the origins of the names city streets like King Street and Prince Street in Manhattan. Neighborhood X has created a fun, interactive map of renamed New York City locations based on the premise that “no one seems to know history anymore.” The map is chock full of cultural references, from famous people to television shows. Some of the witty pop-culture references include (Kobe) Bryant Park, (King Henry the) 8th Avenue, (Brian) Wilson Avenue, (Kate) Middleton Street and (Downton) Abbey Ct. Locations in all of the New York City boroughs, minus Staten Island, are included on the map.


Natural Areas Conservancy Maps-Parks Map-NYC

As the New York weather warms, the Natural Areas Conservancy has created a map to inform and encourage people to visit the parklands in the five boroughs. The Natural Areas Conservancy, which manages over 10,000 areas in New York City, recently underwent a massive undertaking to study over 51 parklands. After, they compiled all of their collected information into a new interactive map, which was unveiled yesterday.