Fun Maps-NeighborhoodX-Renaming Neighborhoods-NYCPhoto via NeighborhoodX

If you ask an average New Yorker, they probably won’t know the origins of the names city streets like King Street and Prince Street in Manhattan. Neighborhood X has created a fun, interactive map of renamed New York City locations based on the premise that “no one seems to know history anymore.” The map is chock full of cultural references, from famous people to television shows. Some of the witty pop-culture references include (Kobe) Bryant Park, (King Henry the) 8th Avenue, (Brian) Wilson Avenue, (Kate) Middleton Street and (Downton) Abbey Ct. Locations in all of the New York City boroughs, minus Staten Island, are included on the map.


Natural Areas Conservancy Maps-Parks Map-NYC

As the New York weather warms, the Natural Areas Conservancy has created a map to inform and encourage people to visit the parklands in the five boroughs. The Natural Areas Conservancy, which manages over 10,000 areas in New York City, recently underwent a massive undertaking to study over 51 parklands. After, they compiled all of their collected information into a new interactive map, which was unveiled yesterday.


Popular Dog Names-Map-NYC Health Department-2015

Map of 2015’s Most Popular Dog Names in NYC. Image via NYC Department of Health

Yesterday, the New York City Department of Health released the list of most popular dog names in 2015, based on the 85,000 licensed dogs on record. The most popular dog name for the last seven years has been Bella, which the Department of Health surmises is due the publication of the last Twilight book that year). Max, formerly the number one name prior to that still takes second. As the records show, there were 1,127 Bellas and 1,073 Maxs registered in New York City in 2015.


NYC Democratic Primary Election Results Map-Bernie Sanders-Hillary Clinton

You know the results of last week’s primary election in New York state but the team at the Center for Urban Research at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York updated the database of maps on their NYC Election Atlas following the election, which we covered before the Primary. There’s even a map to show location of the “purged” voters in Brooklyn.


NYC Election Atlas-Center for Urban Research-CUNY-Maps-Democratic Republican Enrollment-Registration-NYCThe darkest blue electoral districts on the map represent areas where 80% or more of registered voters are enrolled as Democrats

Next week is New York City’s Presidential Primary and the Center for Urban Research at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York has updated its NYC Election Atlas for the 2016 Primary. You can find maps by election district of Democratic and Republican enrollment, where Clinton supporters were located in 2008, voting trends for primary voters, new Democrats, and more. All of these maps have further drill-downs with overlays by ethnicity, income, occupation, household types and more.

Here are some fun facts from the 2016 Primary section of the NYC Election Atlas:


Brooklyn Botanic Garden Cherrywatch Tracks Bloom of Cherry Blossoms-Fun Maps-NYC

2016 is the 35th anniversary of Sakura Matsuri, the annual cherry blossom festival at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden (BBG). While the festival isn’t until April 30th, you can already catch cherry blossoms in bloom at the garden. In fact, BBG has a handy “Cherrywatch” map that gets updated daily showing the bloom state of the cherry trees and what species they are. The above is just a screenshot, but on the BBG website, you can see based on the key whether a specific tree is pre-bloom, at first bloom, peak bloom or post-bloom.