NYC’s 2012  Dîner en Blanc was my first, and I plan on attending every year from now on. I have to admit my arms are still sore from getting my table and chairs from New Jersey via NJ Transit to midtown, then downtown to my meeting point, and back uptown to Lincoln Center. But it was so much fun and well worth the pain.

I took a lot of great photos with my trusty cell phone during the night, but as I saw everyone else’s photos I felt like I didn’t capture anything new. Everyone had a great crowd photo, a table photo, a sunset photo and dance floor photo. But no one really captured the energy and anticipation of waiting for the white napkin air-twirl signaling the start of the meal? I had an empty plate photo, so I added some doodles. Now I think you get an idea of the swirling anticipation at the start of the night. Waiting hungrily to devour the food you just carried dozens of blocks.

Also check out Untapped New York’s timelapse video of the Dîner en Blanc.

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Lincoln Center has never gotten down quite like this.  Tonight, 3000 revelers took in the night at the NYC  Dîner en Blanc, descending upon the plaza and its famous fountain for four hours, eating, drinking and dancing surrounded by the three pillars of Lincoln Center–the Metropolitan Opera House, Avery Fisher Hall and the American Ballet Theater. The plaza turned into such a rocking dance floor even the security guards got into it.


Boston Dîner en Blanc3

Though I’ve been living in New York for almost a year now, I decided to make the long journey (5 hours on a Megabus) back to my hometown of Boston for the city’s first annual Dîner en Blanc. The Dîner en Blanc is a pop-up picnic dinner in white of epic proportions which started in Paris and has been expanding to other cities across the world. (I’ll also be going to the NYC version on Monday.)  This year, more than fifteen cities on five continents are throwing a Dîner en Blanc.  In addition to Boston, new cities include Chicago, Singapore and Kigali, Rwanda. (more…)

[UPDATE: This year’s Dîner en Blanc will take place on August 20th and registration will begin in phases starting August 9th at noon] This is a public service announcement to New Yorkers who are already fretting about registration for this year’s Dîner en Blanc New York City. Registration is not open yet nor is the date and time confirmed. But expect it the event take place near the end of August or beginning of September. As always, the location will be in public space and kept secret. I’m hoping it will be more architectural than last year’s World Financial Center location.


The  Dîner en Blanc Paris threw its last event for the year at Versailles on Friday night. Arranged as a thank you for those involved in the organization since the inception of the dinner, it was exciting to find it perhaps the most international of the Paris  Dîner en Blanc this year. The rain did not deter the revelers as we met at the front gates of Versailles and flowed into the main entrance of the palace like royalty. There was less urgency in the set up for this event as it was enclosed in the palace grounds and many took the time to take photographs. It was touching to see that even Parisians were still in awe of Versailles.


2012 Paris  Dîner en Blanc in the  Cour Carrée du Louvre

[Update: Photographs from the  2012 Dîner en Blanc at Notre Dame  and at  Versailles]

Readers of Untapped Cities have come to know us by our annual coverage of the always fabulous and ever exclusive flash mob  Dîner en Blanc (White Dinner) in Paris. In 2010, we descended onto the Louvre museum stretching from the I.M. Pei Pyramid to the Tuileries gardens. Last year, we filled the  Cour Carrée du Louvre  with 8,000 attendees in white, while a second official flash dinner took place at Notre Dame cathedral.