Public Art Walking Tour in Lower Manhattan

Public Art Tour in Lower Manhattan

Lower Manhattan is like an open-air art gallery
with works from American grand masters like Daniel Chester French (as in the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC), modern pieces from artists like Isamu Noguchi and many memorial works. Most New Yorkers are busy going about their daily lives, so busy that they pay little attention to the myriad works of art on display for all to enjoy. When we do notice a piece, like Arturo DiModica’s Charging Bull the impulse is to take a selfie, at either end of the bull, and proclaim “I was there” but not to understand where the work came from or what it means.  On this tour we’ll take a stroll down Broadway and then meander through Battery Park. With each piece we visit we’ll take the time to deconstruct the image, discuss what is known about it and then share reactions. We’ll be sampling art not only from different eras but also art that has different purposes: propaganda, place-making, reflection, honoring an ideal or group, whimsy, and more. The tour takes about two hours and covers less than a mile. This tour is handicap accessible.

Public Art Tour in Lower Manhattan

Below are more pictures of some of the art pieces we will discover on this tour:










Public Art Tour in Lower Manhattan

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