The W train will die on the night of June 25th, just short of its 9th birthday. To memorialize its  passing, join the Manhattan Young Democrats, Queens County Young  Democrats, Long Island City Alliance, and the Powhatan Democratic Club on the last car of the W train at Times Square Station at 7:30pm and  we’ll ride to Astoria Blvd Station for food and drinks at Astoria’s  Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden.

Over the weekend of June 25th, not only will the W train die, but the  MTA is also doing away with the V train, cutting over 30 bus routes,  cutting the G ‘s route permanently in half, increasing waits for  nighttime subway service, and cutting Metro North and Long Island Rail  Road service. These cuts will affect millions of New Yorkers and a  broken state transit funding system is largely responsible for it.

Meet at 7:30 at Times Square Station for the procession/funeral (the  area near the last car of the Uptown N/Q/R/W) or meet us at Astoria  Blvd Station at 8:15 for a short rally. We’ll all walk over to  Bohemian Hall after.

Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden is located at 2919 24th Avenue (between  29th and 31st Streets — don’t get the Queens streets and avenues  confused) near the Astoria Blvd N/W stop.

If you are interested in taking photographs of the event for Untapped, please comment below or send an email to [email protected].