You might have been wondering about those ads in the subway, asking if you’re still a virgin and an 888-hotline for help. I had hoped it was either the work of a progressive religious organization or even an anti-religious group, but it’s just guerilla marketing for a new movie from Sony Pictures. Also, New Yorkers are not the only ones targeted. Billboards with a similar ad have sparked controversy around the country.  A tiny Sony Pictures logo gives it away on the billboard but the logo is not present on the subway ads. The URL is kind of a sign though.

But yet this Billboard along I-70 between Columbus and Cincinatti, Ohio does not cause controversy? It’s been there for at least 5 years, from when I was living in Ohio and re-photographed recently by Scouting NY.

(Photo by Michelle Young)

I’m not going to provide additional traffic to the movie by linking it here, but call the number if you’re curious. There are some funny questions, which may give you a chuckle. But the voice on the line really sounds like that annoying nerdy kid you knew in junior high…