Did you know that in 1930, 1,800 trolleys served Brooklyn alone? Photographer Christoffer Delsinger (who discovered the double rainbow Bushwick airplane!)  went to check out the abandoned trolleys in Red Hook, a remnant of a more recent past than you might imagine. Although they date to 1936, their current resting place is the end-product of an attempt to create a trolley line between downtown Brooklyn and Red Hook in the ’80s and ’90s. Bob Diamond, founder of the Brooklyn Historic Railway Association (BHRA) spreadheaded this movement, which was cut short abruptly when the Department of Transportation withdrew support.

Trolley feasibility has been studied tangentially over the last ten years as part of larger plans for Brooklyn Bridge Park and light rail service in the area. But just a few days ago, Rep. Nydia Velazquez announced a new dedicated trolley study that will take place over the next five months. Last year Mayor Bloomberg himself endorsed the return of street cars, so we’ll see if Diamond will finally get the political and economic support he needs.