Photo by Michelle Young

Tonight, I got sidetracked by a thirty minute lightning storm. To see thunderbolts crack above the George Washington Bridge, Central Park and New Jersey within seconds of each other is pretty amazing. I also made a lo-fi stop action video out of the photographs I took (for tomorrow). When you photograph the same scene for thirty minutes, you become acutely aware of the activity that surrounds you. There was a perceptible flicker in the city lights as people (like me) switched off their lamps to watch the storm. But mostly, people went on with their lives, moving about their apartments. Sometimes, even in a beautiful city like New York, we forget to look outside.

8 thoughts on “Lightning Storm: George Washington Bridge

    1. It was crazy! I only wish this photograph came out better, I decided to creatively photoshop it (though the color is true) with some Patrick Messina inspired blurring effects. I did no other work today.

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