Unless you’ve been before, it’s hard to describe what a Danger Party is like. It’s a part throwback to ’80s New York, where there were simply less rules, but mixed with the self-awareness of the new millennium. Last night, theDanger hosted a four floor warehouse party with hot tub, circus swings, art and film installations and ten simultaneous live acts. As usual, it was a glorious mess and nudity was encouraged. In the midst, I attempted to snap pictures of the graffiti splattered windows and the industrial architecture. When the party was broken up, I was most certainly not wearing shoes. Originally scheduled to last until 7 am, the party was not surprisingly broken up by police midway through the morning. The warehouse, an artist compound called the 3rd Ward, is not as deep into Brooklyn as other parties and the noise level was apparent from blocks away. With a penchant for fire, theDanger keeps the location secret until the last minute and sometimes you have to RSVP to get the details. But still, more than 1000 party-goers revel in these over-the-top parties which have been called The Last Masquerade, New Lost City, Beauty + Ruin, and other names suggestive of the paradox of a no longer gritty New York City. The next party will be “Within the Land of Ash,” where artists will be building thirteen visions of the afterlife to be explored on Halloween.

Here are a few snapshots from last night:

All photographs by Michelle Young

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8 thoughts on “Danger Warehouse Party: BUSTED!

  1. Iv heard about these parties before and can never seem to find out when and where they are. How do i find info on these arties?

  2. this party was well known to be at 3rd ward at least via 3rd ward emails, maybe their website like their fire party. which, did they use the same stage set up w the flames behind the dj.

    4floors? last party had 4 floors using two floors of two bldgs

  3. 4 Floors? Did I miss two? I only saw the top and bottom ones. The two floors in between were open as well?

    Ridiculous it got busted. A cop told me it was because there were not enough fire exits for the amount of people there. Actually, it was as quiet as it has ever been. The party never really started.

    1. i only made it to the bottom floor and the one above it. so collectively, maybe you & i went to three floors? i thought it was a bit noisier outside than normal when i got there (which wasn’t on the early side because i got sidetracked playing minigolf at bushwick country club again ha). But, I hadn’t been to one at 3rd ward before. another venue had the entrance and line in an inside courtyard of sourts, so it was less obvious. Agree though, the party didn’t really get started last night…

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