Untapped checked out the Paris Nuit Blanche festival this past weekend. The pinnacle of the event was the “3-D Bridge” on the Pont Saint Louis. It was a fairly complex structure of lighted cubes with a DJ spinning chill electro sounds inside. The bridge installation was designed by 1024 and  produced by the collective We Love Art, who also puts on the We Love Sonic electro festivals at Parc de la Villette. Untapped correspondent Augustin Pasquet was not overly impressed with the bridge since the concept was taken directly from DJ Etienne de Crecy’s electro sets, who was the first to use lighted cubes. Overall, the crowd seemed more interested in the concept of the festival and less impressed with the 3-D Bridge. Still, we love this all-night takeover of public spaces all over Paris–and we hope to see New York’s Nuit Blanche eventually expand outside Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Also check out Augustin’s short stop-action video below of the 3-D bridge.

[vimeo 15632940]