We happened to discover this storefront on 666 Bond Street recently, for the fashion label e.vil. Clever gimmick or cool enough for the East Village, its namesake? The label has been around since at least 2001, favored by Madonna, Paris Hilton and J.Lo.  E.vil specializes in graphic tees with block letters, saying things like “LITTLE MISS GOLDIGGER,” “OVERDOSE,” “QUEEN OF THE DANCE FLOOR,” and my personal favorite “BUNNIES ARE CUDDLY. LONG LIVE THE BUNNY.”

Reminds me of my days  as a fashion merchandiser for Abercrombie & Fitch. I came up with the t-shirt “One Duff is Enough” so if you bought that shirt and thought it was hilarious, you can thank me. I was referring to Hayley Duff (sister to Hilary), for those of you who don’t follow teen-pop culture. But back to e.vil, the installation claiming people like James Franco, Lil Wayne and Terry Richardson were “e.vil” only lasted a few days, replaced by the more P.C. “Give Peace a Chance.”

All photographs by Amanda Chatel