Snow may have “paralyzed” Paris in a “catastrophe” (CNN’s words, not mine) yesterday, but some lightheartedly took to the streets in the first ever snowboard ride down Montmartre! What I like about this video is how it captures the trek up and the conviviality amongst children and adults alike in the snow. It’s almost a Paris from the past or maybe a vision of what post-modern cities should be like, always. Look out for when they snowboard past the Beateau-Lavoir in Place  Émile Goudeau,  studio and home to Pablo Picasso and frequented by Henri Matisse, George Braque, Gertrude Stein and more.  Last year, New Yorkers took to Times Square in a massive impromptu midnight snowball fight. There aren’t any hills left anymore for a funicular, sadly, but you can always rely on New Yorkers to get extra rowdy.