Delta Terminal 2 at JFK just got a badly needed makeover. A cafe called Croque Madame has wallpapered the walls with a fleur-de-lis like pattern and new tables of varying configurations (personal, two-fers and communal bars) that come equipped with an iPad, two power outlets, four USB ports, a firewire port and leather seats .The iPad is internet ready comes with Safari, Google Earth, games, news (CNBC and USA Today), weather and WebMD. You can also download apps!  You can also order food and drink from the iPad and it will be served to you.

So far, there’s been only one review on Yelp but it’s glowing. The user reports an “extensive” and “well-rounded” list of beer and wines (starting at $10), sweet and savory crepes for $7.50, sandwiches from $8.75 to $12.   The user was upset that non-cafe customers were sitting in the seats, but I liked the non-discriminatory policy because frankly it was far nicer than the rest of the terminal which is pretty nasty (see below). Furthermore, the seating style extends far beyond the cafe into other gate areas and is part of a larger airport strategy. OTG Management has installed the iPads in Bar Brace restaurant in Terminal 3 as well.  It has also been reported that OTG has plans to replicate the idea in LaGuardia airport.

The sad folks in the rest of Terminal 2: