Those who are already fans of Kate Ascher’s book “The Works: Anatomy of a City,” possibly the ultimate guide to how New York City functions, will be excited to hear that she has a new book on skyscrapers coming out this fall. I got a sneak peak of the manuscript this week and it’s beautiful. For those that don’t have this The Works yet, you need it and Kate will be autographing  books for Untapped! Kate worked for many years with the Port Authority, NYC’s Economic Development Corporation (EDC) and with Vornado Real Estate so her books are rich with information and incredibly researched topics, along with fantastic illustrations throughout. When you finish, you’ll be able to visualize and conceptualize how all the systems work together and layer upon each other. We’ll also be writing about her forthcoming book as the release date gets closer.

Buy  The Works: Anatomy of a CityAdvanced copies of Kate’s skyscraper book are also available:  The Heights: Anatomy of a Skyscraper.