I got a sneak preview of the new album by Laura Stevenson & the Cans and it gives me the chills. It’s indie, punk and folk, with a voice that’s simultaneously haunting and sweet. Here’s the track “Master of Art,” off the new album “Sit Resist,” which drops on April 26th on the Don Giovanni record label. The band has toured all over the United States and completed a European tour last summer. We asked Laura some questions about the city she calls home.

Photo by Shane McCauley

Untapped: What are some of your favorite venues in New York City?

Laura: As far as New York City goes,  I love playing Death By Audio… they’ve been really good to us  and they always put on really awesome shows and give a lot of support  to touring bands which is the most important thing.  Also–I really am starting to love the new Knitting Factory in  Brooklyn. We’ve played there 3 times so far and it’s always been  really, really great. The staff is super nice.

Untapped: With so much of your time on the road with the band, what is it that brings you back to New York?

Laura: New York is the place I call home: I was born and raised here, my  family and friends are here, and I can’t imagine living anywhere else.  Sometimes when we’re on tour, we’ll be in a little town in the middle  of the country and I’ll get all romantic and dream up this scenario  where I move into a little cabin in the woods and get a big, slobbery  dog and like, learn to make my own jam or something… but then we get  back to New York and it’s such a relief to be home.

You can check out Laura Stevenson & the Cans, the Screaming Females, Byrds of Paradise and others at the Music Hall of Williamsburg this Saturday at the Don Giovanni label showcase. Buy Tickets.