The Oxygen network is really pushing its reality TV programming and bought all of the ad space in the tunnel at 14th Street between the 1/2/3/F/M trains and the L trains. But in an amazing campaign of street art/graffiti vandalism, (2 sets of) sassy stickers were pasted over the eyes of Paris Hilton, Tori Spelling, Aubrey and other reality TV stars, while someone else (or the same person) added mustaches and beauty marks on the faces. “I’m Important!,” “Society: This is Beauty,” “Strive for this,” “Women: be more like this,” proclaim the stickers. Enjoy these photographs of the snarky remarks on society, a nice contrast to the Oxygen ad slogan of: “must WATCH. must CONNECT. must BUY.”


2 thoughts on “Amazing Vandalism/Street Art in the 14th St. Subway

  1. I pass these nearly every day and they are so obnoxious. Thankfully, trusty New York vandalism has made them more bearable.

    1. I agree! I see the ads everyday in Penn Station (sans vandalism), but slowly have been whittled away and replaced by other advertisements.

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