The Gowanus Ballroom is a 16,000 square foot exhibition space located along the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn. In the 1800s, the space was used as a steel mill. In 2010, Josh Young of Serett Metal retooled the space. It’s also currently used as a metal fabrication shop that opens its doors to artists and assists or teaches them to build. Untapped went to check out the Art & Architecture 2011 exhibition there a few weeks ago and to take in the scene at the Gowanus.

The Gowanus Canal, an EPA Superfund site:

We saw plenty of kayakers:

Entrance to Gowanus Ballroom:

We climbed the treehouse that was on the mezzanine floor to get a view of the wooden igloo installations and the big duck:

Back outside, pieces of old New York were apparent everywhere:

Some newer industry:

Like this polk-a-dotted cement truck!

A very dusty VW Bug:

Joan of Arc graffiti with bats:

Reminders of the sheer amount of pollution in this canal:

And finally, more kayakers:

Shows at the Gowanus Ballroom are commission free, and are aimed at supporting the arts community. It was a fun adventure, full of eclectic and juxtaposed objects that come together only in areas not quite gentrified yet. And how great is the incongruity of the two words Gowanus and Ballroom? Check it out at:

55 9th Street , Building 61, Serett Metalworks
Brooklyn, New York
Phone: 347.460.2687
Official Website
[email protected]