We’ve been hearing all about the Paris flea market so today we decided to head there. It was pretty easy getting there, all we had to do was hop onto a train.{ metro line 4 to porte de clingencourt } Once we got off the metro it was a little tricky finding the actual flea market.

First we had to fight off all the street vendors selling knock-off purses, wallets, and bejeweled belts. Those guys always come up to me to sell their goods and it’s probably because i’m an easy target, carrying a knock-off.

Once we got to the actual flea market my husband Brian kept telling me how overwhelming it was. I agreed. My eyes were wandering from booth to booth. There were vintage dresses, furs, and jewelry and then I would be distracted by amazing old furniture. Brian had his share of favorites too. He found one section that had old architecture plan drawings and vintage cameras. We both agreed we wished we were living here longer than a couple months so that we could take full advantage of the market. If you go to paris, I highly recommend checking out the giant flea market.

Mary-Jane Lee and her husband Brian lived in Paris for 100 days, as documented in Mary-Jane’s website, Archi Loves Mary Jane.