Remember the days when your grandpa would take you to have ice cream  at the local ice cream parlour, where everything was handmade from the  candies in the glass jars to the whipped cream on top of your banana split?  Where thick shakes and egg creams came in metal cups, and you could sit  at the counter on a bar stool watching the server conjure up some magical  concoction in front of your eyes?

Well you don’t have to go back in time to  experience this, as a little gem remnant of the good ol’ days exists to this day  in Forest Hills, Queens. Eddie’s Sweet Shop, established in 1909, is still a local  hangout and favorite and when you go inside it really is like stepping back in  time.

The menu has all the old time favourites, from banana splits, floats, thick  shakes, egg creams and sodas with all the ice cream and whipped cream still  handmade.

105-29 Metropolitan Ave
Queens, NY 11367 in Forest Hills

5 thoughts on “Eddie’s Sweet Shop, Forest Hills Queens

  1. Hi, your bar looks so beautyfull, specially the chairs at the bar.
    Is there a chance to get them anywhere?
    Thanks for your answer.

  2. It’s _way_ older than 1968–been there since at least the mid-1920s.

    1. Hey Stephanie – you’re right its been there since 1909, however the family that run it have been there since 1968. Thanks for picking that up!

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