From the always discerning eye of Ink Lake, we have some photographs of the progress inside the new Fulton Street Transit Center taken from an office just adjacent to the construction site. What you see taking shape is the oculus, the focal point of the new station.

Ink Lake also captured a great detail from before 9/11 that will be part of the new station:

“You can see one of the  Marine Grill mosaics, already installed. The mosaics, originally from a restaurant in the old  Hotel McAlpin, and nearly 100 years old,  were literally in pieces inside of dumpsters and about to be carted to the trash, before being rescued and installed in the old concourse of the station back in 2000. Now, they’re being installed in the station once again.”

The mosaics are going into a new ADA-accessible entrance to the 2/3 line in what used to be a vitamin store!

As for the nearby Santiago Calatrava-designed World Trade Center Transportation Hub, in speaking to someone formerly at the Port Authority, it seems that they are still looking for how to program the interior space which at 800,000 sq ft will be the size of almost 14 football fields.

Check out Ink Lake for more information about the Fulton Street Transit Center. For more pictures inside the construction, check out the MTA’s flickr page (via Curbed NY).

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