Spotted in Herald Square: this may be the cutest thing we’ve seen all week. Bike lanes have their own traffic lights with a little bicycle sign!

The only thing is that we noticed that the red signal took forever to change. Don’t think the bicyclist is really going to wait for that. And one taxi driver still insisted on temporarily parking in the bike lane and even got out of the car to do something which reminded us of Casey Neistat’s video of getting ticketed “not in the bike lane.”

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5 thoughts on “Traffic Lights in NYC for Bikes!

    1. Hello Roy! The NY-Dutch linkage makes complete sense now that you mention it because Jan Gehl redesigned the Herald Square/Times Square streets. Good to know about the countdown timer–thanks! We hope you continue reading Untapped! (We’ll be covering a Rockefeller Foundation conference on Jane Jacobs with Jan Gehl’s partner Helle Sàƒ ¸holt in the fall which may be of interest to you).

      1. Definitely will, great site. Keeps the NYC spirit up until my next visit 🙂

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